Vladimir Kara-Murza — about the U.S. missile defense system in Spain

Vladimir Kara-Murza - about the U.S. missile defense system in Spain

In "Fringe Time": political scientist Victor Americanist Kremeniuk and international journalist Boris Tumanov.
Spain has agreed to place on its territory elements created by the NATO missile defense system (NMD). On Wednesday, Oct. 5, at a press conference in Brussels, Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said that by 2013 at the naval base of Rota in the south of the country will be located 4 U.S. ship with installations of interceptor missiles. In the Russian Foreign Ministry comments, posted on Thursday, October 6, on the website of Ministry noted that considerable capacity-building of the American missile defense system in Europe deprives the parties a chance to reincarnate missile defense area of confrontation into a subject of cooperation.

Vladimir Kara-Murza: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry called unacceptable decision of the U.S. authorities to place a missile defense system off the coast of Spain without the submission of all the states concerned.
In the Russian Foreign Ministry comments about the United States and Spain agreed on basing on the ground the last 4 ships with SM-3 interceptor missiles and missile weapon control system "Aegis" states: "If the actions will continue to evolve in a similar way, it made the Lisbon summit of the Russia-NATO chance to reincarnate missile defense area of confrontation into a subject of cooperation will be missed. "
Recently the Obama administration have gained an agreement on the deployment of Aegis Cruiser ships off the coast of Spain in the installation system in Europe. How to explain the official representatives of the agency, the United States willing to provide for themselves continued presence in the Mediterranean, and to protect the east coast of the Atlantic.

U.S. and NATO once said that Moscow could be measured, because the defense is not aimed against Russia. U.S. officials are convinced that the main purpose of missile defense — defense against missile threats from states such as Iran. It is planned that the deployment of a NATO missile defense system for Europe will be completed in 2018.
Is there any reason at the Kremlin diplomacy resent the deployment of U.S. missile defense system in Spain? Talk about it with Viktor Kremenyuk, deputy director of the Institute of USA and Canada, Russian Academy and Boris Tumanov, international journalists. Is the unfriendly disposition of the Russian Federation for the placement of a missile defense system off the coast of Spain?

Victor Kremeniuk: I do not know, as I see the situation from the outside, I do not work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I'm not completely understood the motives which are controlled by the Ministry. Apparently, the team from above, in which it declared inadmissible the action, that it is an unfriendly disposition. I think that there are third-party dominates the complex judgments that always make our position very stiff, inflexible and potentially losing. Since we do not ask us directly for an agreement not between Spain and the United States. We can protest as much as necessary. But it would be entirely possible, so that these protests will not send anybody any attention.

Vladimir Kara-Murza: Looks a sudden choice as the locations of the missile defense system Spain?

Boris Tumanov: You know, I'm not special in geo-strategy, but, to be honest, for me it was a fact that amazed me. Not in the sense of condemnation or greetings, I just try to put yourself in the shoes of American strategy to realize why specifically in Spain, why, let's not go back to Germany or Poland, the same does not enjoy Romania. In this case, I think, in-1's, the question of the ships — this is not an anti-missile defense battery, etc.. To be honest, I do not understand why it is necessary to the Yankees, taking into account the fact that they have a wonderful ability to prevent at least some of the missile strike, as you said, and states that our Foreign Ministry as Iran. But so far Iran has not made a bit of a no missiles that could make the United States of America. The Europeans, in this case — is also contrast that affects me a little, Europeans are looking at all these acts Yankees, Europeans are looking at this nervous, overly nervous reaction in Moscow with virtually absolute indifference. They are totally does not apply to what the Americans are doing, nor how it reacts to Moscow, because like it's really not just to do with them, but that is not fundamentally, it's not much. It amazes me.

Vladimir Kara-Murza: Pavel Felgenhauer, an independent military analyst, ironically takes a diplomatic demarche Kremlin.

Pavel Felgenhauer: This is no unsafe for Russia in general. In principle, there can not be safe. Since this is a purely defensive system, it may be unsafe for those who attack on Europe from Spain. And no Russian missiles, as they say, it being in Spain, can not destroy. Generally speaking, all Russian propaganda is false, as in the days of "cool war".

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