Vladimir Plastun If Washington remain committed against Iran would be a great war

Vladimir Plastun If Washington remain committed against Iran would be a great warThe Beijing summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, according to analysts IA REGNUM, outlined a very intriguing trend: Our homeland finally correctly identified its position on Iran's nuclear applets. Judging by the reaction that followed, Tehran is very interested in consultations with Moscow and will probably stick to the line of cooperation with Russia. On what benefits can bring RF cooperation with Iran, in what direction is changed country and the place of Persia in regional politics — including in relation to Central Asia, we asked the doctor to tell the Department of Oriental Studies of the Novosibirsk Municipal Institute of Vladimir Plastun. Special began working in Iran more time in Russian. Most recently, he again visited Tehran in a group of journalists and professionals, and said in an interview with the correspondent of IA REGNUM some changes that have occurred in the psychology of ordinary Iranians.

REGNUM: The How to spec, who worked in Iran more time in Russian — what configurations — can be positive and negative, would you point out?

I was working in Iran during the time of the monarchy. Then he had to be there two more times after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Proceed with the configuration, and significant enough, but some of them quite difficult for me to just be seen as positive or negative. For example, on the one hand: Tehran rapidly built, and I feel sorry for an old Tehran. The results of this "boom" is very reminiscent of "modernized" mutilated an old Arbat Capital. Maybe this — the perception of a person in a decent age, but as the capital, Tehran and designers and planners, in my opinion, is not perfect and not everywhere managed to keep the proportions and combinations of ancient beauty and attractiveness of the modern style.

On the positive or negative social configurations in the mental plane, their main indicator is the mood of the people. I did not see any depression or moodiness, Iranian responds favorably to any request, passers make every effort to explain the muddle-headed (pardon the tautology), the stranger, as well as where to go or pass. (At first I pretended not to know specifically nor the 1st language, apart from Russia, but traders flocked here from neighboring shops and through gestures achieved the desired result.)

REGNUM: The But there are things that have made a memory?

First, young people really liked. It appears to mean her craving for knowledge. The government of Iran has made great efforts and spared no means to increase the level of education. Immediately I would note in this regard skewed towards "obyazalovka" for training and implementation of religious dogma. Let's remember how it was in the royal Russia: not learned specifically "the law of God" — the upcoming education can forget, in Russian times: historical materialism to dialectical materialism, the course of the Marxist-Leninist philosophy is not memorized — Farewell diploma …

Something similar occurs in Iran. In free conversations with me in Tehran, young people often use the word "edzhbari" meaning ("forced", "force"). This definition encompasses the requirements of strict observance of Islamic traditions of Shia Islam. It is not only about the hijab, manicure, make-up, etc., and a "prinudilovke" in learning and performance is not completely understood by modern young people rituals.

Some were in charge of non-compliance slogans and realities. Namely, given an example of the actual inequality of the right to work guys and ladies and showed an Iranian announcement of where true is written out: 90% of the seats available only male employees. True, it's hard to judge. Maybe the working conditions in the company's ability to limit the introduction of ladies' work … Some of the students even stated that his wish — quickly finish school and go over the limit in order to avoid repetitive bored religious instruction. Well, I think of myself as young and impatient …

REGNUM: The On the other hand, the ideology arises not from scratch, impact insulation?

Yes, you can fully understand the sincere zeal Iranian administration to concentrate on keeping the unity of the people in a modern, quite a foreign policy situation. Islam — it's a lifestyle, Shiite Islam — an ideology and politics, Islamic ideology and politics Islamized. Favorite of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khomeini assured of their own co-religionists and the world that "if the world longs to get rid of numerous problems that confronted him now, if he longs to save himself and live like a human, it should convert to Islam. If all will become Muslim, you will see a perfect society "(See: The sayings, aphorisms and instruction ima-ma Khomeini.  Tehran, publishing works of Imam Khomeini. International Department, Fall 1995. On the Russian language.) But here elaborates: "Islam is a living Shiism." "Islamic prescriptions — read Imam — affect, in the main, political and social side of human life, if religious." words of Imam confirm unwavering intention of today's Shiite clergy to control and correct the political course of the country in the head of which are not just Islamic authorities, but only those of them who share the line of the Imam. At the same time, it is impossible to ignore the impact of globalization, impartial, bezotstupno require leveling the approaches to the education of the next generation of Iranians. Religious beliefs do not pose any danger and the unity of the people, if political and ideological principles to bring home to people the way no "edzhbari", and on the basis of "gane 'CONANDA budane dalael" ("uveritelnosti Reason"). They can not, even more so, to be an insurmountable obstacle to cooperation within the framework of inter-state relations.

REGNUM: The And what kind of impact at the moment is the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps? It is said that members of the IRGC in recent years have become great owners in the structure of the Iranian economy and indirectly affect the present policy, speaking on limited positions.

The IRGC is a very strong force in the economic life Iran and policy at the international level. This corresponds to the statutes of the supreme power. As an example, recent information that one of the structures IRGC wants to become an investor in such an important project in Tajikistan as phase ends with Sangtuda. In general, according to the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, from 55 billion. U.S. constituting State Development Fund's reserves of Iran (IRGC child) until the end of today, 20% will be used to finance the Vanir zabugornyh projects. Let's be frank: the position is limited IRGC or progressive (for what it's "bumps" of gaze), and the situation is such that "behold the root" — not profitable, profitable. Not missing, of course, the form of the geopolitical situation of "Against whom are friends" …

IA REGNUM: Do you think, given the openness of the new trend, which reveals itself to the political future of Tehran? Is there a version of its transition to the secular framework?

You correctly point out, in all of Iran is more pronounced trend towards greater openness, expansion of democratic freedoms. I do not think that in the near future can be seen version of the "transition" in the "secular framework" of the current regime. Yes this
actually speaking, not required. In today's world are available secular regimes with democratic slogans and hegemonic pretensions. Principally to listen, to take into account and adjust their actions in accordance with the international situation, and with the views of the people. The hardest part — to find, install and implement this elusive balance. It is difficult, but can be completely. Need a sober impartial (!) Analysis and political will.

REGNUM: The Iran — a great regional power, with the ambition to develop. Our homeland is currently experiencing a political renaissance, too, trying to regain its former influence in the former Soviet space and performing some work in the Middle East. What is the future of Russian-Iranian affairs? After all, in discussions with Russian professionals Iran — do not hide the fact that our homeland — almost the only natural ally of Persia.

The term "regional power" in itself for itself implies the presence of partners in the region. Let us not forget that in the region includes independent state, which does not appeal to the second role and are very willing, so they are also called "powers." As can be seen, the principles of equality in international affairs, who rightly defends Iran's own relations with the U.S. and the West, should equally be applied in dealing with even which countries, including Russia.

Shortcomings in the ambitions somehow no one there. But in most cases, it's — ambitions for the propaganda level, are not supported by weighty and convincing arguments. At the moment, every now and then we hear and read about who launched a rocket on all who have a more powerful nuclear charge, someone who outdid himself in the development of strshnogo kibervirus … Only somewhere in the back pages of local newspapers with a magnifying glass make out a small message in small type on the damn rise and prices of essential goods, medical services, tariffs, transportation, etc.

Our home is difficult, but it seems that experienced during the fall and now is trying to get out on the path of sustainable development. In my opinion, the management of the Russian Federation if and uses (faster coasting) the term "majestic power", it really realizes that Russia too early to relax. It is the consciousness of the need to invest in an old definition of new concepts based on the desire to achieve recognition of the multi-polar world, which involves the establishment of equal relations (which does not exclude competition and its benefits). Our homeland I wish that it were listed in those areas and sectors where its interests are affected. Therefore completely understandable when Moscow is puzzled, for example, about the construction of a missile defense system in Europe, aimed Tipo against Iran and North Korea, but the "tutelary" and the Russian countryside. U.S. assured Russia that its missile defense system does not threaten Russia, but refuses to give a written guarantee. Iran, too, I wish that were registered with them as an equal member of the international co-society. Our native land there appears a natural ally of Iran. By the way, not only our homeland. And not only in the matter.

REGNUM: The Allies Could these be the countries of Central Asia? How would you estimated the potential of such a relationship? Namely, with Kazakhstan? In which sectors could cooperate?

Potential, in my opinion, a very broad, if find reasonable (mutually) approach. Tehran is now quite turn has a policy of establishing stable relations with the countries of Central Asia and, of course, has a strong influence on the processes that take place or tied in the region. Then he has to face strong konkurentnstyu. It is not always clear media coverage due to the complexities of relationships in the area where the concentrated vital interests of the big states in the West and the East.

The region's population — more than 60 million people., Its territory — a rich source of raw materials. In what would be Iran, are now exposed to various kinds of sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its European enemies, do not take the opportunity?

Experts say that Iran has previously enjoyed a level of relations with the countries of the region that meet mutual interests, and began to go out on a geopolitical level, when it became "pressed". And it started after the entry of troops in Afghanistan U.S. and NATO. They reached the border of Iran nepoprostu. Look at the map to the left of Iran — NATO member Turkey, on the right — Afghanistan with NATO forces in the south — the U.S. and NATO bases in the Persian Gulf, Iraq, and the U.S. Navy in the Indian Ocean, etc. Of course, that control Iran have suspicions regarding the provocative activities of the agents of Washington and Brussels in areas inhabited by Azeris, Arabs, Kurds and Baluch tribal enclaves are located in Iran. Do not forget also, that in the north to the NATO-intensive bursts of Georgia. Naho-dyas in that environment, Tehran naturally looks for allies, partners and priklnnyh him regimes.

It is understandable that the U.S. and its allies came to Afghanistan with its own military armada not to protect it from terrorism. Region Central Asia — a global pantry of hydrocarbons and fine strategic base for control. But, as the U.S. it is very far removed geographically, they have to use the "roundabout" methods of penetration and the introduction of the regional economy and politics.

REGNUM: The How can this be justified?

Nice example of days on it was reported that "specialists from the U.S. and Europe took part in the conference on the famine in Kazakhstan." As they say, "our urchin everywhere ripe": a process initiated by the "Holodomor in Ukraine," now moved to the other end of the world — Kazakhstan. Operate a broad front, "we plan to make a proposal to include in the program from universities special course dedicated to the study of topics of hunger in Kazakhstan." Hold on, Kazakhstan and our homeland, because "the joint programm Carnegie Foundation to cooperate intensively attracts professionals and Kazakhstan is a significant factor in the weakening of the position of the Russian Federation."

Iran is opposed to Western efforts in the development of, for example, the South Caucasus gas pipeline route does not agree to the construction of a gas pipeline in the Caspian Sea bottom, puts forward his own version of the section of the sea, against attempts to ignore the world five littoral states of a gas pipeline between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, etc. these matters supports Iran's position not only of Russia, and China, also became an importer of gas from Central Asia.

REGNUM: The How do you assess the current diplomatic conflict Azerbaijan and Iran? Likely if the alliance of the Russian Federation, Armenia, and Iran?

As you may recall, during our stay in Tehran, I asked a direct question about the representative agency "farce." Meaning of the answer boiled down to the fact that this is a provocative rumors. But I was slightly confused by the words came in response to the fact that if the people of Azerbaijan decides to change its management, that Iran would welcome it. Of course, we must note that it was told not official. But at the same time — at a press conference officers of IA "farce." How can I be judged by disk imaging, published in the media, politics here thickly involved in the divergence in the implementation of Islamic precepts (remember that Azerbaijanis follow Shia Islam). If it is very short, then:

1) political side: Iran strongly opposes weapons procurement Azerbaijan-making in Israel — a particular enemy of Iran;

2) since the Azeris Shiites, then, the views of the Iranian side, Azerbaijan should not be a secular state and Islamic republic;

3) The moral: Iran condemns the behavior of the control of Azerbaijan that enabl
es it parades "sexual minorities."

There are echoes of the state prepyadstviya related to the fact that the majority of ethnic Azeris live in Iran, and their merger into a single government (as it should, the split Iran) appears sporadically in Iran and Azerbaijan. Representatives of the Department of Azerbaijan has recently stated: "The greatest threat is a sample of individual countries to use religion for political ends. And soon it got a large scale … We demand the same respect and the Azerbaijani model of separation of religion and the country."

REGNUM: The In the context of the spoken: How do you assess the prospect of war in the Middle East? What about Iran's nuclear program there?

It amazes me, does not excuse the expression, the audacity of Representatives to the United Nations, gromozvuchno requiring military action against the Syrian government. Direct evidence that the killings committed by the Syrian army, not the inverse (official) — are not. If Washington will follow the same course, the war is inevitable. But it will be a big war …

As for the nuclear programs from Iran, the situation is identical to the events in Syria opponents of nuclear programs from only mean that Iran wants to make a nuclear weapon. But there is no proof. If the U.S. they say about equality in solving international problems that threaten public land, the Iranians may claim, that they are also allowed to attend the South American nuclear facilities …

IA REGNUM: In the end, wanted to ask you: in addition to critical issues of foreign policy cooperation, there is evidence that the Russian Federation there are difficulties on the part of accessories in Iran, which "hangs" after the revolution, but for all that belongs to the country since the royal era. What do you see?

In Tehran, in conversations with the staff of the Embassy of the Russian Federation accidentally popped up this discrepancy, as the decoration accessories of RF on the Iranian countryside. For example, the area of our embassies and large excavation areas owned by the Russian Federation since ancient times to this day are not registered by the Iranian side. The parties have co-toryh I tried to learn the premise expressed concern about this, but to give a definite answer could not. I got the impression that responsible for addressing these issues in the face of Iran refer to the fact that after the collapse of the monarchy needed, they say, to review all contracts and find out if they do not cause harm to the Iranian people. It resembles the situation where, after the October Revolution, Russian Republic announced the cancellation of all unjust agreements concluded royal regime. I assume that the Iranians have also decided to apply such move. Or are they just traded in the hope to get something in return.

On the Russian side of the solution of such problems is the responsibility of such structures Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, as the Department of serious construction and supplies abroad. But our embassy staff with whom I have spoken, reliable disk imaging that sees the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation had taken any steps in this direction or not, do not. And to solve the problem, of course, necessary.

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