Vladimir Putin and the meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of the SCO

Vladimir Putin and the meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of the SCO November 7 at the Konstantin Palace outside St. Petersburg revealed council meeting of Heads of Government of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Russia is premier-Minister Vladimir Putin. Meeting of the Council of Heads of Government held in the narrow part.

At the meeting, planned to see the development of multilateral trade and economic cooperation of the SCO. The heads of government discussed the prospects of the project activities within the SCO framework on strategic fronts cooperation, investment, energy, transport, agriculture, information technology and education. Participants also outlined plans for the creation of the SCO Energy Club, he must begin to act in February 2012.

The meeting discussed issues of regional security, counter-terrorism and extremism, organized crime and drug traffickers.

Russian Prime Minister made at the meeting of several policy statements. In his view, it is necessary to pass rapidly organizational period in the development of the SCO Energy Club. Making this will allow the club to provide strong political support for energy projects. As part of the Energy Club should include representatives of energy agencies and leading energy companies of the SCO. Immediately need to strengthen economic ties between the SCO countries — to "form a powerful infrastructure contour" of the SCO. This will allow to realize great transit potential of the region, highlighted Putin. Our homeland advocates the creation of a special SCO account that will allow rapid direct funds for study of feasibility of common infrastructure projects.

As an example of the energy project where Russian Federation is ready to take an active role, Putin referred to the construction of high-voltage transmission lines, which would have tied Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The total cost of this project is estimated at 1-1.5 billion dollars. According to the Russian prime minister, Our homeland is ready to resume the project and attach a half-billion dollars.

Vladimir Putin supported the world head of the municipal Council of China Wen Jiabao. Premier of the State Council of China has proposed the need for regular meetings between the heads of the Ministries of money and the central banks of the SCO member states, and to do this expert group. In Beijing believe that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to ensure the free movement of capital, goods and services in their own areas. China is ready to share its experience in the development of free economic zones. Wen Jiabao urged accelerate the creation of a unified infrastructure network SCO in transport, communications and energy. Chairman of the Chinese State Council also proposed to organize a seed bank in the Shanghai Organization for Agricultural Development (the event must ensure the food security of the SCO in danger of monopoly on seeds from Western agricultural companies). He also called for increased cooperation with observer countries of SCO and develop a number of specific projects of this interaction. Beijing proposes to expand settlements in the state currencies in mutual trade.

Putin stressed that there is a need expand settlements in national currency, and the ministers and the heads of the Central Bank money to continue consultations on this and other topics.

Shanghai organization cooperation will create a co-operative bank or inter-state emergency fund to deal with the consequences of the global crisis. Kazakh Prime Minister Massimov, the Brown said that the global economy is once again going through a very difficult period. A meeting of the Big Twenty is not brought it greater clarity in the future development of the world economy, he said. Because of the SCO's financial cooperation will be strengthened.

Our homeland has supported Iran's position, so that Vladimir Putin and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi discussed "arrogant world powers". The representative of Iran said that the revolutionary wave that drove through the Middle East and North Africa, was probably due to the support of "arrogant global powers." Putin saw that "arrogant world powers" not only supported the ousted regime, but "the revolution that toppled the former regime. Oh so amazing, but curiously arranged in the world. "

In this day Putin held a meeting with premier-Minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Gilani. Were agreed on expanding bilateral cooperation. The Prime Minister noted that the trade volume of Pakistan and the Russian Federation headed for the pre-crisis level, but, unfortunately, it is small enough for such powers. Putin said that Moscow considers Pakistan a principal trade partner with which to strengthen mutually beneficial business.

Putin immediately on several Fri defied the West and the United States

— Energy projects in Eurasia, including those in Central Asia, will be implemented in the interests of the Russian Federation and the States that will accept this role.

— Blow inflicted on the basis of well-being of the United States and the West in general — Baksova system. The proposal by China and Russia to strengthen the role of government currency encourages other nations to do the same. The SCO countries will be producing base of independent monetary policy.

— We litsezreem perspective of the Alliance of Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, and the Shanghai organization cooperation is the basis for the creation of the plan voiced by Putin 'Eurasian Union'. Beijing and Moscow are ready to accelerate the construction of common infrastructure network Eurasia.

— Putin told the world that his vision of the situation in the Middle East and North Africa, almost all the same with the views of Tehran.

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