Vladimir Putin does not see anything wrong in the development of Irans nuclear programs from

Vladimir Middle East tour Fishing season caused an unusual enthusiasm not only in Russia and specifically in those states where it had been (Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan), and a number of other states. French editions ahead of Russian President's visit to Israel, expressed the idea that, well, now, that he and Putin will fall into a trap from which it will not be able to get out. Binyamin Netanyahu, they say, will force Fishing season if you do not get up on the Israeli side in an attempt to solve the Iranian nuclear problem of using air strikes, at least to extract from Putin's assurances of neutrality of in the case of such an operation against Iran.

Vladimir Putin sees nothing wrong in the development of Iran's nuclear program

But the tour was over, but the aspirations of the Western media hardly can be called justified. It is not enough that Putin did not heed the wishes of the well to support the desire of Israel with bombs and missiles to put an end to Iran's nuclear program there, so also has permitted himself to completely reverse expression. Russian favorite, said that does not see anything wrong in the development of Iran's nuclear utilities that both does not see anything productive in new sanctions against Tehran. President of the Russian Federation during his own Middle East tour, expressed in that spirit that I would be very happy if Iran did an outcast, but on the contrary — lured to address regional issues. According to the views of Putin, Iran could play a positive role in the settlement of the Syrian conflict, as the impact of Tehran in the region is quite large, as well as its credibility, which by all means try to belittle certain groups of people interested. Mr. Putin does not see anything in common between the possibility of an Iranian role in solving regional conflicts and its peaceful nuclear program that Iran's potentials and therefore can and should be fully used.

If analyze the words of Vladimir Putin about the use Iran as a possible participant huge regional contacts aimed at accession to the throne of the world in the same Syria, these words are without logical justification. In fact neither Iran nor Israel is not profitable to have them at hand, a new hotbed of Islamist constructive, similar to, which now being formed in Libya or Yemen. Not in Tehran or Tel Aviv is not burning desire that Syria tore a powder keg, and the echoes of this explosion sunk to the Israeli and Iranian peoples.
But all the bad luck that the Syrian conflict has already managed to go beyond the regional. A lot of efforts are now outside the Middle East, which is not profitable, so the Syrian pot evenly cooled down, and life in the towns of Syria vorachivalas to normal. Under various pretexts, bloody conflict swells with the latest and newest power to reincarnate quite Syria in the Middle East cloaca, which will be divided up between the structural Islamists, who played the role of "peaceful opposition", and those who allocate funds to these "opposition" and supplied the gun.

There is in this issue and another problem — the problem of bilateral relations between Israel and Iran, and if read more precisely, the problem of the complete absence of these relations. Representatives of the Israeli authorities to Putin's words about the need to give Iran an opportunity to continue research in the development of peaceful nuclear energy said what about Ahmadinejad's statements about the "Zionist cancer on the body of Near East that (tumor) must be destroyed." Putin said these words, of course, unacceptable, but urged Israelis not to do very hasty conclusions about these sensual expression of the Iranian president.

Of course, that if our home meets all of those who says that it's time to go to Russia as well as Iranian favorite secular wanted to do with Israel, no military capabilities will not suffice. We all remember the great words of a man who is preparing to take part in the race for the presidency in the United States — Mitt Romney, who said that our homeland for the United States — the enemy number 1. So after all now begin to display the operating room intercontinental ballistic missiles to strike the United States. Is this the most sovereign Romney such attention to himself — of course not. Not deserve this, you know …

So now, Putin's speech at the address of the Israeli administration of the need to be reserved in their expressions against Ahmadinejad — from the same series. They say, well, people blurt unnecessary — who does not happen, what is now the country with the 78 millionth population bomb just because of the longish first 1st person, even if he's president. South American presidents are also common in the bottle behold traces of anthrax, but so is the clinical cases that need to work together to understand and take the time to burn out a "hotbed of a bacteriological weapon" "Tomahawks".

In general, Vladimir Putin gave recognize Israeli control, and this flog a fever — the last thing, and the need to move to a more pragmatic position in relationship together. Can this be seen as a test to reconcile Israel and Iran? It is unlikely, since such a reconciliation, faster, generally unrealistic in the current criteria. But here is to make an effort at least to abandon the mutual correspondence slaps Israel and Iran can always, because Putin is almost indicated that these 2-countries have a more severe enemies than the "Middle East Zionism" for Iran and the Iranian nuclear program to Israel.

In general, the tour Putin has shown that in the world today there are no contradictions that would not be resolved by pragmatic multilateral contacts. And it's a good message to those who sees at least some resolution of the conflict only in the carpet bombing and unlimited sanctions.

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