Vladimir Putin set the issues of morality and patriotism in Russia

Vladimir Putin set the issues of morality and patriotism in RussiaAt the last meeting in the capital of the Kuban, on the theme of education of morality and patriotism in the modern Russian Federation, met people who first for such education should be held accountable.

Besides Vladimir Fishing season in Krasnodar profits policies such as the presidential envoy to the Southern Federal surrounded by Vladimir Ustinov, Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina, who managed to excel great activity in the State Duma, the newly elected MP from the faction "United Russia" Sergei Zhelezniak. Naturally, there were at the meeting in Krasnodar and Kuban government headed by Governor Alexander Tkachev.

If we consider the meeting itself on issues of morality and patriotism, as such, it appears a few questions. Question first: why specifically in Krasnodar question Second: why exactly at this point, and not before, and in the end, the question of the third: what results is to conduct this kind of meeting to wait?

Let's start from the beginning. Why does the president decided to hold a panel on the issues of patriotism and morality specifically in Krasnodar, and not in any other town? Certainly, it may be referred to the question, which fundamentally unimportant. Say, what's the difference: Krasnodar, Murmansk or the End of the Line … But hardly Vladimir Putin has permitted for themselves, taking already into the third time the presidency ordinary accident. The reader, of course, can be said that the creator is on an imaginary way, but there is a feeling that Kuban for such seminar was selected not the case. Why? Since shortly Krasnodar Governor was careless enough to let myself very defiant expression that he was going to "squeeze" the Kuban of Caucasians. Immediately after the occurrence of such words from Alexander Tkachev, the media, representatives of the Caucasian peoples have expressed, to say the least dissatisfaction with the position the person who is the official authority on the scale separately taken region. By the way, the same in almost all media, including the "Military Review", were posted materials on the fact that the federal center would do well to intervene in the conflict ripening.

If you follow the path chosen by the logic further, it is completely possible to assume that meeting about morality and patriotism, in which the key word held by President Putin, and there is then a typical intervention of the federal government. Indeed, the cause Tkachev on the Kremlin carpet and accountable for impermissible in the multi-ethnic and multi-religious country, the expression would be pretty naive. Instead of the presidential administration has decided to immediately destroy 2-birds — indirectly hint Tkachev, "Sasha, you're wrong, 'and did not discuss the addition of a large-scale problem of the modern Russian society — the problem of the lack of actual moral compass and the helplessness of patriotic education.

The second question: why exactly at this point, and not before? This question intensively trying to exaggerate the people who took the position that one can indicate the approximate that of the phrase: "Whatever power did, it's still bad." Well, if such a position, then leave it in for yourself or change it, it's up to each person individually. But it seems that there may be, but the answer to this question more than once and gave Vladimir Putin himself, even before a third time was in the Kremlin as president. During the campaign, candidate Putin is often stated that the first of the two thousandth could start to solve any problem completely, but all of these solutions would drown myself in a dilemma which took place at that time to be civilian war in the North Caucasus. You could call round tables and open a discussion that has morals, tolerance and patriotism, but such meetings at that time would have looked frankly almost incomprehensible. When a country faces a real danger of being chopped into pieces when it is not passed, and day or no reports of incursions of militants in Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, on the terrorist actions in the central regions of the Russian Federation, you can read any number of things sublime, but the real problem is obvious would not solve. In other words, could be a hundred times to mutter the word "jam", but sweeter than something from this country would not have been …

Because there can be a thousand times the power of reproach that it is not harsh ringleader of similar discussions about the patriotic and moral education of the past, but to criticize — it is one thing, but to look at things realistically — is quite another. And the reality is that, indeed, the situation in Russia in the last 12 years has changed significantly. If the main problem of the 90's was the one that came down to the expectation of periodic held back payment of wages (and better means of payment, not handles, toilet bowls or slate), and now, as not so long ago, I saw a fair reader, the majority of Russians difficulties were followed by approximately: where to park the car, how to lose weight and how urgently to find a reason for the authorities to criticize …
Well, if people are to interest particularly for the most part these difficulties, it means that, indeed, it is time to reflect, in a good sense, of the soul, that is to say, the moral reference points, patriotic references, citizenship, and family values. Apparently, specifically those thoughts and appeared in the mandatory Russian heads, and therefore the meeting was appropriately held in our country.

If we consider the issues that are at the meeting podymali, then everything's better to give specific quotes. Certainly, more enthusiasm caused the president's speech, which read quite a lot. Here are just a few quotes from the speech of Vladimir Putin

"We now talk about the dilemma that has long been overdue, and often at the hearing, but so systematically, probably do not remember that she open a discussion: the question of the patriotic education of youth. Essentially it is a conversation about the most important: the values, the moral foundations, on which we can and must build our lives, raise kids, to develop the society, as a result strengthen our country. "

"The way we educate young people, depends, will be able to save our homeland and multiply herself. Will it be a modern, promising, well-paced, but at the same time, will be able to not lose ourselves as a civilization, do not lose their identity in a very sophisticated contemporary setting. "

"As indicated, including our own historical experience, cultural awareness, spiritual, moral values, and value codes — a sphere of intense competition, sometimes — to open the information counter, no desire to read anger, but the confrontation, that's for sure, and certainly well-orchestrated propaganda attack. And it is not no phobia, I did not come up here, so it is in effect. This is at least a form of competitive struggle. Samples influence the outlook of entire nations, the desire to subordinate their own free will, to impose its system values and concepts — is an absolute reality, as well as the struggle for mineral resources faced by many countries, including our country. And we know, as a distortion of the state, historical, moral consciousness led to the catastrophe of entire countries, to their weakening, collapse in the end, the loss of sov
ereignty and fratricidal wars. "

"We need to build our future on a solid foundation, and the foundation itself — it's patriotism. Seems to be a long time we have not discussed that can be a foundation and a strong moral foundation for our country — no other still will not come up."

Analyzing the president uttered the words clearly traced the basic idea: if you do not begin to solve this dilemma at the moment, it will take a little time and hitch can lead to disastrous consequences not only for individuals of, but also for the country as a whole. Putin explicitly gives realize that now the minds of young people around the world turned very real struggle. Of course, exactly what the potential of the young generation, and not oil, gold or stabilization fund — this is the main wealth of modern Russia. And if any potential to lose at all, then in the near future, Russia may lose its face.
By the way, Putin, who is often and inside the country and abroad, has been criticized for the fact that he is trying to make Russia an isolated state (in the image of the Soviet Union), during his own speech, and said that the moral and civil-patriotic education should based on the idea of closure of Russian society. The President stressed that isolation not only does not add to the pace of development of, but quite the contrary — can deal a crushing blow to the country, as well as isolation from the world, of course analysis is not likely to gain from the internal contradictions, as has happened in the history of our country.

The outcome of the meeting in Krasnodar was the decision to draft a creation of the Military Historical Society of, which would offer up the story of what is called, without cuts. Putin expressed his support for the idea that specific historical truth, no matter how bitter it may seem, gives an opportunity to the people in the end come to an understanding and a real partnership.

In addition, the outcome of the meeting can be regarded as the emergence of a variety of civil and patriotic initiatives: the creation of the state order for Russian cinema to the formation of student sports clubs and activation of patriotic education, starting from elementary school (for example, perform the anthem everyday at school).

Ideas, as can be seen, really important, and of the president's words look really positive. One can only hope that the very topic of education of morality and patriotism is not limited by the authorities of the Krasnodar holding the meeting. Hunt to count on the fact that the initiative went out and brought his incarnation, and with all this business will not be as high as kinks. And that in fact we have a case, "said the party needed, the Young Communist League said there, 'and in schools where kids winter on the street running to the toilet, because there is no toilet inside the school will play each morning anthem and flag go up, under the civil-patriotic cry again rewrite all the history books, and the Ministry of Education and Science will report that they are the first to have heeded the words of President …

In general, the meeting worthwhile, but now would be — to the point!

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