Vladimir Vasiliev theft is punishable

Vladimir Vasiliev theft is punishableOn the government's anti-corruption efforts in an interview with "Vesti on Saturday," told the deputy chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, managing the faction "United Our homeland" in the State Duma Vladimir Vasiliev.

— A new control law is not only for income, and expenses for officials reminds effective campaign against corruption, which have been in other countries. How will it work in Russia?

— This timely legislation that introduced the president. It will allow us to keep costs under control officials, comparing them with those declarations, which are not drawn one year. The gap between reported income and expenditures, if it is found, is the basis in order to prove a bureaucrat. If it does not prove, then the prosecutor refers to the tribunal. Pretty lightweight procedure, no need to carry out investigations.

— Who comes? Only the bureaucrat or a spouse, kids?

— Until we have such order: bureaucrat, spouses and underage kids. Plus the following types of transactions: land, real estate, securities. As long as it is limited. Then we will move, the practice works enough. But stealing and then gets punished, which is very essential. And at the moment often happens is that those who are unscrupulous, violate the law, live obviously higher than those of funds that earn.

— Not embarrassed to show it.

— They show that, not smuschyayutsya this, moreover, discredit decent people who feel wronged. And we'll change this situation. Anyone can say that those who live beyond their means. Will be created special commissions, which make out the issues.

— On the deputies themselves apply it or not?

— Already spreading. And we even go a bit further. Legislators should go ahead and offered for inflated claims for itself. The idea is that the avaricious people who are prone to corruption, should not go to any parliamentary activity, nor officials at the highest level. Then there will be less theft.

— In the Duma, the idea was voiced many times that will be prepared by a symmetric or an asymmetric response to the South American initiative over the Magnitsky list. What do you have planned?

— There is a thought of the list when the Americans broke all imaginable and unimaginable human rights, it does not on its own terrain. There's a whole list of people who were doing it. There trivial facts, which beheld the whole world, the facts of open violence, izymatelstva of prisoners — complete lawlessness. But here there is the other component. The failure is that, to repeal the Jackson-Vanik amendment, which prevented the development of our relations, opponents that our motherland and the United States have reached a new level of cooperation, which were so long, trying, linking these two amendments, again denote this list anti-Russian attitude. And our homeland can not react to it, as this interference in our affairs.

— Americans took an amazing paradoxical legal position. We have 60 people we will not allow it in the U.S., but we are not for you to call them — is the highest lurking. Russian list will include some names?

— I think this issue is addressed. Works conciliation commission. But the question is, now that the United States will not let our people in its sole discretion. Do they have this ability, and they do not even explain, for whatever reason — just do not give a visa. I think with that many of our citizens are facing. So it's obviously politicized share. She does not give anything to anyone, not including voltage relationship. I am convinced that the South American business is deeply unhappy from this, as our, which wanted to be in the interests of our peoples in the criteria of the crisis to jerk forward, but he is being held in hand.

— The debate, which was on the Human Rights Council about possible amendments to the law NGO, has yet to gain traction, but it was reported that United Russia State Duma deputy Yevgeny Fedorov, all the same puts his own version of the law on the media info and foreign agents. This is the general position of the faction "United Our homeland"?

— We appreciate the different views, but it is not the position of the faction. And we have a staff member on the subject said. It is clear that this was his personal initiative. We respect the position of certain of our deputies, but, I hope, will continue to work with a certain degree of responsibility for this initiative, as it takes time, it is not always productive. Talk show what is what in fact.

— You have just entered the post of head of the faction. There is one question at the intersection of your previous and current interests. In the Duma is expected to discuss the law about the fans. If you recall the European experience, then, for example, when the British faced this problem of football hooliganism strshnoy, their one of the measures include a ban on leaving the country. What are the rules in the law about the fans may seem after all the horrors that we experienced on the eve of the World Cup, which will be in Russia in 2018?

— These fears did not start yesterday. The fact that now there is a bill — it's not a bad lechuschee remedy for these horrors. You correctly drew an analogy with the British. Their was even worse, and they put things in order. And, incidentally, we are trained for this, so I'm confident that this bill will be very useful. Why? Because of its intense enters the prime minister. Plus used the most advanced foreign experience, which gave the results. Brought our fans, which is very interesting. In foreign experience is so tough measures that our developers are not willing even to us until the present. This is one time. 2nd: our fans — for the most stringent measures that funny. At the moment there is a discussion — and very perfectly — it's become a tradition.
Ok, that important on a lot of people extensively discusses the laws. And thanks to you, that you raised this topic. In the web have the opportunity to discuss it. All this will, of course, be weighed and we will take such a law that will not shock, which will link bullies and create conditions in order to stroll into the stands, as previously, children, ancestors, family, so it really was prazdnichek sport.

— Then one particular. For you, as a former police colonel-general … I read an interview with several control the Interior Ministry, which they say that is not entirely true that in Russia for the security in the stadiums meet the police. In European countries, typically police man 20 stands during the match, but as a rule it is — the prerogative of the Security Service of the stadium. Discussions after the burning firecracker rackets, sticks to the last, sad eminent now match Khimki with the role of "Zenith". Who should be responsible for security during the Games — the police or security services?

— The bill, as I know, there is the concept of "controller", which has not been previously and which will have the right to inspect. We, for example, have become accustomed to this, and most gratefully acknowledges that the labor inspector, for example, at the airport, which takes away any kind of unsafe things and inadequate people is very important.

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