Vladimir Zhirinovsky: they explicitly revolution is afoot

Vladimir Zhirinovsky: they explicitly revolution is afootFavorite Party LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky looked documentary movie "Anatomy of a Protest-2", which was shown on NTV right now, gave him his assessment in a live TV channel "Our homeland 24" also voiced their views on the political processes in the country.

Namely, he gave to understand that the party tend to agree with guesses creators of "Anatomy" that the activities of Russian opposition is financed from abroad, namely from Georgia. "I agree with everything that is said in the movie.'s All there is. I felt all that hunts down" — highlighted Zhirinovsky. With all of this, he said, the party does not exclude the possibility that some opposition favorites are directly interacting with zabugornom centers priemuschestvenno with Georgian and South American.

In remarks to reporters, favorite Liberal Democrats right for the creators of the movie more than once called opposition activists "revolutionaries." This could not but raise questions about the reasons for such measure their performance, because the participants of political action out on the square with a completely non-revolutionary motto "For honest elections." "They need a legitimate excuse. They realize that if they go with the theme," Revolution, "most of them will not support", — assured Zhirinovsky, adding that most of the people who took part in the winter, vernal and summer rallies and marches were just the curious and interested in the prestigious trend.

In general, in his opinion, it should not weaken the attention of the authorities. Vladimir Zhirinovsky and his party members insist that the government should at any cost avoid destabilization in the country, which will be organized at the request of foreign centers. The same idea is expressed in a statement, LDPR, Display now on the website of the party: "We need urgent action to prevent the development of the situation on profitable for the" revolutionaries "scenario. Infection should be stifled in the bud at the stage of the first sneeze until the organism is enveloped deadly virus."

Responding to a question about, do not cause doubts whether he has exhibited in the movie NTV amateur photography, which is often used as the creators of the evidence or other sensational allegations Zhirinovsky replied that it had no reason to. The politician admitted that he was "very pleased" that fell into the hands of journalists recording made by intelligence agencies, as he himself "is difficult in some places spy-listening."

In general, uttered in a movie favorite for the Liberal Democratic Party did not become news, as, according to him, he is very well remember the lessons nedavneshney Russian history. "All this is really track down. Often criminals won the election — it's all happening before our eyes. Litsezreem We are, what led the revolution of 1991-1993 — the collapse of the country," — drew parallels Zhirinovsky.

Party Liberal Democratic Party unanimously expressed the view that at this time of the Russian Federation as ever, "the greatest need to mobilize the healthy forces of society, solidarity and unity in opposition to the attempts of the collapse of the country." Specifically, these measures will help to prevent "another sample of crushing the latest of, made 21 years earlier on the ruins of the once powerful country"

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