Wasps attacked kindergartens in Minsk

Wasps attacked kindergartens in Minsk

Five wasp nests in kindergarten Minsk eliminated rescue the last two days, reported by the senior assistant to the chief of the Minsk City Emergency Management Vitaly Dembowski.

Four kindergartens turned to MOE for help in eliminating wasp nests 15 and 16 August. In the nursery, kindergarten № 308 in Pervomaisky district smoked even just two slots

Wasps in kindergarten appear from year to year. And as said Vitaly Dembowski, even after the expulsion of the wasps return to their original location. Therefore, in some gardens have to travel several times over the summer.
Vitaly Dembowski says wasp nests — a seasonal phenomenon, and does not link the increase number of trips to eliminate nests with any abnormal phenomena.

The fact that the summer these insects — active period. And they fly in the day time, and can be dangerous for people with allergies, and even more so for children. Therefore, in the summer of MOE reports are full of reports on the Elimination of cavities in children's institutions.

MOE's management of nests in educational institutions, medical facilities and public areas. If the wasp nest appeared on a building should contact the VES.

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