What do they glow in Australia?



We already wrote about the middle of the night bright areas in Central Australia, recorded during the shooting of the continent with a NASA satellite. The presence of the bright spots of light ("ghost towns") at night in the unpopulated areas of the country unsettling many. These light spots in the desert regions of the country look so huge that they glow sozdavaemo significantly more than what the notes on the continent of Australia's largest cities — Sydney, Melbourne, Perth.


At Thursday, December 20, NASA opubikovalo new picture of one of the most notable generators "mystical flame" on the continent — a region of Western Australia. Researchers at the National Space Agency of the United States explained that yakrie spots of light, visible in night shots in remote areas — it's incredibly huge wildfires that destroy vegetation is sparse bush.

The enormous size of the territories covered by the flame of the scientists explained that the photographs accumulated data, a total of 22 days in April and October of this year, when the satellite "Suomi Al-wee-wee" pictures of Australia.

That is, a relatively small area fires are constantly moving along the sandy deserts in the central and western parts of the country, and at the final satellite image showed once all the areas covered in flames during the period of filming.

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