When icons are crying

Every year, twenty-four hours dried blood at the bottom of bowls, which is kept in the Cathedral of Naples, suddenly turns into a red liquid, which Catholics believe is the blood of Saint Januarius, bishop Benevito, beheaded by the Romans in 305.

The transformation from solid to liquid and confirm beheld many doctors and scientists, as well as adherents of Catholicism. Just as difficult to explain the numerous cases in which a crucifix or an image of Madonna exude tears or blood. Although few of these sensations and were exposed as fraudulent, there remain other, genuine, which still inexplicable.

Twenty Ninth August 1953 a pregnant woman named Antoinette Januzi, who lived in Syracuse, Sicily, discovered that the plaster statue of the Virgin with the infant's crying. The news of this miracle spread quickly and led to a resurgence of mass religious hysteria around the island. Local ecclesiastical authorities, slightly nettled publicity that was the story, decided to personally verify its validity. In truth, they did not believe the words of the woman, but when the current sample of Madonna's eye fluid were analyzed, it was found that they are indistinguishable from real human tears. Church immediately recognized the miracle and erected a shrine, where pilgrims worship a statue in our time.

Due to the fact that those who mourn plaster dolls now mass-produced in the West, it is clear that for any not difficult to organize such a miracle. Still more difficult to fabricate a fake with these tears, and all the more necessary to drop all thought of deception when it comes to image, weeping for many years, as in this case. Although fake bleeding vasony more complicated, the number of reports of them no less.

In January 1971, a lawyer who lives in the Italian city Maropati, found that the icon of the Madonna hanging in a frame at his head, dripping blood. Red liquid, without a doubt, flowed through the glass cover and the image of the eye was the Madonna, as well as hand and foot bow to her knees two saints. To the amazement of the lawyer, not just a trickle running down the wall to the floor, but formed crosses or hemogram (blood drawings) on the white plaster above the bed. In the Italian case, the authenticity of the phenomenon has been verified, and performed the study of matter physicians police have confirmed that it is in fact human blood. Fraud suspect here would be inappropriate, for the blood continued to flow out of the picture, even when she was locked in the safe police headquarters.

Apparent miracles of this type are so numerous, that anyone who would like to describe them, if he could not even fit all the facts in one volume. Since inanimate objects can neither cry or bleed, it is clear that this phenomenon is supernatural order. Maybe it simply means that God proves his existence. However, quite surprisingly, the Supreme Being shows itself so rude way. Clearly, there is something strange, but it is associated with the divine?

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