When the «jokes» Time

Thousands of tourists and residents of the eastern Chinese city Penglay witnessed a rare phenomenon — a mirage of high clarity lasting for four hours. Mist hanging over the bank, created the illusion of the image of the city with modern high-rise buildings, broad city streets and bustling cars and crowds of people who were clearly visible, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

When the "jokes" Time

Experts say that in Penglay, located on the coast of the Shandong Peninsula, throughout the entire period of its existence there were quite a number of mirages that glorified the city as the home of the gods.

According to experts, this optical effect is a result of complex patterns of the front of the light waves in the layers of air with inhomogeneous density.

People saw mirages … since ancient times, as there are numerous legends. Ancient Egyptians believed that a mirage — this, in particular, the specter of the country that no longer exists in the world.

One of the most famous places in the world to study the mirage is Alaska. It even created a special society for the study of natural optical phenomena, which publishes a magazine observing mirages, and tourists from Canada and the United States are taken to buses to admire the giant peaks of the mountains, emerging directly from the deep.

Another famous place often see amazing mirage of the past, is the island of Crete. Before the onset of the morning, even before the fog on the coast of the island, right on the ocean waves near the Castle Frank Castello a recurring historical Battle scene. Two army soldiers in the old fighting gear, with distinctly heard the sound of arms, screaming. After some time, the mirage that comes from the sea and moves like a cloud reaches the walls of the castle and disappears.

Cretan phenomenon called "Drossolides" which in Greek means "drop of water." Apparently, they are like a canvas, becoming the basis for the birth of the scene, had been transferred from the past into the present. Ghostly celestial action does have a retrospective beginning, the researchers: just here, near the ancient castle, a half century ago, the bloody battle between the Greeks and the Turks …

For the most mysterious kind of mirage, called hronomirazhami, convincing explanation has yet been found. Modern science does not deny the existence of unexplored properties of the Earth's atmosphere, but assumes that sometimes such "jokes" Time itself, spilling from the "vaults" information stored in a single energy space universe. Perhaps this explains the mysteries hronomirazhey.

The Curse of the Black Peak

In the London weekly "Weekend" recently published testimony of several witnesses, faced with the whole "ghost army" blocked their way on the highway near Otterburna.

One of the witnesses, Dorothy Strong, was traveling at the time by taxi. "Suddenly, — she says, — the motor car stalled, the meter started spinning like crazy, and I thought that the car stops at an invisible wall. On all sides we were surrounded by soldiers, who then suddenly vanished into thin air. "

Locals say that this has happened here before. This phenomenon is associated, apparently, to the fact that in the XIV century in this area was a great battle.

A near Black Mountain peak, located between the British Sheffield and Manchester, the locals and the tourists constantly see planes in the sky ghost.

The fact that Black is kind of abnormal peak trap, which is like a magnet attracts the aircraft, and then somehow mysteriously projects into the sky phantom crashed on the slopes of machines.

David and Helen Shaw once back in the late evening of the guests. In reservoir Ledibouer they stopped and got out to get some fresh air. And noticed a low-flying aircraft over water. It was a Bomber "Lancaster" in World War II, the same plane that repeatedly observed in these places tourists. It crashed here May 18, 1945. On that day, six Canadian pilots flew too close to the ground and did not notice a bad reputation of Black Peak, bulk of which was covered by clouds.

Other aircraft ghost — "Dakota" U.S. Air Force — crashed into a mountain in the same two months a hundred meters from the place of death "Lancaster". Its pilot suddenly lost orientation, dropped the height with the intention to get accustomed to the surroundings, and … met his death on the side of the mountain devil. With him killing all five crew.

Local resident Tom Engle has observed in the air ghostly picture the death of "Dakota" and eventually even got used to regularly play out in the sky actions. But when he saw it for the first time, I experienced a strong psychological pressure.

He said: "Going on a footpath near the railway bridge, I looked up. Right at me, at the height of 15 m above the ground plane flew during World War II. I looked around and saw that my dog runs away. But what struck me — so this is a sudden change in the atmosphere, as if I went to the morgue.

I am not fond of the paranormal and the occult, and not believe in all these things about UFOs, but something very strange was that day. When the plane approached, I could see the rotating propellers, but he did not publish any noise. Then suddenly changed direction and disappeared over the top of a hill nearby. I expected the sound of a fall or an explosion, but nothing happened. "

Ingle rushed to the side of the hill, where, according to the calculations, the machine had to fall. But instead of the wreckage "Dakota" Ingla gaze appeared only peacefully grazing sheep.

Historian Ron Collier has spent years studying the plane crashes in the Black peak. According to his calculations, they happened here about fifty! "This is a bewitched place, devouring planes — says Collier. — All incidents are similar to the last detail: pilots suddenly disoriented and crashed into the side of the peak, and then appear in the sky ghost aircraft. "

Fortunately, the airspace for aircraft in the Black peak several decades ago, it was closed, and the aircraft is no longer flying, can not be said about their phantoms …

In June 2004, in Alaska during the air show rehearsal, several dozen people saw the formation of aerobatic aircraft, there are two smaller fighters who both went to "loop the loop" and face at the top. Burning wreckage about a minute fell to the ground, leaving a trail of black smoke. All emergency services went to the alleged crash site of debris, but no trace of the disaster on the ground could not be found. Airfield radars have not detected any flying objects, except those that were allowed to fly, and the duty camera, which been recorded rehearsals, did not notice any unauthorized aircraft and their fall. About the mysterious incident were compiled detailed reports, and all recorded.

"Neighborhoods Pleshcheeva lake (near the town of Pereslavl Yaroslavl region) famous fogs that are experiencing hronomirazhi as wandering through the grass of ancient warriors. His mysteries lurk in the forest and swampy valley Meat Bor, in the Novgorod region. During the war killed tens thousand troops — Soviet, German, Spanish and others. Their remains have not been buried, and locals say that from time to time in this mystical forest visible figures of warriors and heard screams Hurrah! ".

Hronomirazhi but are not necessarily related to the battle scenes. Most of the cases described in the literature do not apply to military events.

Inside hronomirazha

September evening in 2004 near Lisbon suddenly overcast sky, and a heavy thunderstorm. Curiously, the natural phenomenon concentrated in a small area about three to three kilometers.

About eight o'clock in the evening, when the storm was in complete darkness, and the cars were driving on the highway with headlights, lightning in the middle of an olive grove suddenly flashed a magnificent palace, which at the same moment was enveloped in heavy fire. Of glow lit up all around.

Witness the terrible fire Hundreds of motorists. Side of the road were packed with onlookers immediately. In the fire service and the police received hundreds of calls. However, the arrival of firefighters (about 12 minutes after the first call), not only the firing stopped, but the palace disappeared, as if it never existed.

One of the witnesses, Silva Lopes, described the phenomenon of local newspaper reporters, "First the flames began to decline, then this place sucked whitish smoke, and a minute later, when the smoke cleared, there's nothing there. But I and dozens of other people saw and building and fire. All saw the same thing. Where did it go? "

The first reaction of the Portuguese police in the incident was the assumption that it was a well thought-out rally by the "eyewitnesses" fire. But these people have been too much for such a joke, besides dozens of them were forced to turn to psychologists and doctors, unable to cope with stress after the experienced hallucinations.

In Russia, the most famous hronomirazh — the specter of the ancient city of Kitezh. Researchers "help" him in two bodies of water — on a bend of the Volga in the Lada and Lake Svetloyar Novgorod region. According to witnesses, on the surface of the lake you can sometimes see the reflection of the domes of Kitezh and hear the bells ringing.

Hronomirazhi watch both day and late at night. On one of these cases, said the scientist Vladimir Lakmakin: "The boat of the expedition was to raid the village Goloustnoye at Lake Baikal. I could not sleep, and I went on deck. The night was very dark. And then close the air completely silent sped ghost train. Clearly distinguish the lighted windows, and in them — silhouettes of people. For a few minutes the train stopped, then followed further and soon melted into the night. This was really a mirage last train stops at the station Boyar. From the parking boats to her far away, and because no noise was heard, and the mirage of "allowed" to observe the composition, the hidden horizon. "

Hronomirazh other night, somehow related to UFOs, there was a cold autumn night in 1997 in a small village in the district Konyshevsky Kursk region. As reported by the media Kursk, it all started about two o'clock in the morning, when one of the locals woke bright blood-red beam, illuminating the room. After a while all the other residents of the home, sleeping up to this point, were on their feet. Quick to pounce on the shoulders of clothing, they ran out onto the porch.

A mysterious beam of light was gone, but in the western sky over the nearby hill, just above the tree tops immediately appeared a large ball of light, which is far superior to its diameter visible disk of the moon.

Then in the ball an image of riders. The image was "live", dynamic, reminiscent of film session. It demonstrated a fierce battle.

This went on for about ten minutes, then everything disappeared.

One of the Kursk ufologists investigate this mysterious phenomenon, said that in the process of "screening," which showed earthlings, presumably, aliens from other worlds, eyewitnesses observed the events of the Great Patriotic War. The fact that these places were active partisans, and the horses were not for them exotic.

According to researchers, hronomirazh can not only watch, but also, if lucky, get "into it"! So, being in Haiti, known biologist and writer Ivan Sanderson, in his own statement, "went on the streets of the medieval French town."

When his car got stuck in the mud, he, his wife and an assistant went down the dark high plateau on foot. Suddenly, looking up, saw quite clearly Sanderson "in bright zablestevshey moon shadow that casts three-storey townhouses with different architecture, standing on either side of the road … They hung over the upper floors dirty and wet cobblestones." Ivan's wife also saw the same picture, and their conclusion was that they somehow got into the old Paris! However, once an assistant scientist lit street lighter, all disappeared without a trace.

In Crimea, a witness and, at the same time, the participants of the hronomirazha were four local residents. Son with his father and two of their friends were going to "Lada" along the highway in the vicinity of Sevastopol. Suddenly, the car began to cross the road by the German "Tiger". Father and son safely out of the car, without any surprise looked a tank column and started looking gaze director, extras, crew technique … But none was found.

A true horror of their coverage, when one of the Germans turned his tank directly on the "Lada". Crimeans, they said, saved cancel reaction — they jumped in the car, turned around and quickly went back, and "Tiger" for some time chasing after them.

Greetings from the future

In general, of course, hronomirazh — is the visible image of an event that happened in reality, and not very distant past. But there is, however, very often, when people see mirages and from … the future!

In 1932, two German journalists, reporter Bernard Hutton and photographer Joachim Brandt, got in his editorial job to prepare materials for the Hamburg shipyard. They did their job, but at the moment they left the shipyard on the car, we heard a terrible noise. It was a howl that appears in the sky diving plane unusual design, accompanied by anti-aircraft guns firing of air defense. Then around the bombs began to explode.

All this fantastic horror at the shipyard Hatton and Brant seen with our own eyes. Brant even managed to photograph what he saw on film. When the raid was over, newspaper men returned to the gate of the shipyard. They began to ask the guard of the damage, but he looked at them as lunatics. It was a whole, no raid was not!

Discouraged journalists rushed to the office. There's a lab, they showed a film. Bombing footage disappeared!

But the most amazing thing happened twelve years later, in 1944. Emigrated from Nazi Germany Hutton lived in London. In the newspapers he saw photos of the Allied air raid on Hamburg shipyard. And the pictures and description of the bombing coincided exactly with the mirage-vision, which they saw Brant in 1932 …

On the cliffs of the Vyatka River near the village of Vanyushonki Kotelnich district Kirov region, where from time to time, eyewitnesses observed holographic three-dimensional images of the past, a local resident in 1994, also saw the mirage-foresight.

"" Suddenly, on a rocky mountain massif FALCONS — says Albert H., — I saw the three-dimensional picture of the water surface covered by a little excitement on which swam away empty boat without oars.'s Vision was so real that I was speechless, stood under rock in his tracks and could not take his eyes off what is happening. And the next day I almost died trying to cross the river in order to catch rid of the landing stage, which is the base of the expedition, and uplyvshuyu motorboat — "picture boats floating away into the distance as if warned me about this event. ""

British researchers some time ago said that mirage — it's just a hallucination caused by testing new types of psychotropic substances, and the number of victims each time the transmitter power. However, with the help of this weapon you can impose on people only the fact of a common vision, but you can not specify the subject. Alleged in the brain under the influence of some rays themselves, a picture that is close to the problems of this social group. That is why, for example, pilots can see the plane crashed, the tourists who came to Crete — an ancient battle between the Greeks and the Turks, and people of faith — the Virgin Mary.

In principle, the theory of the British — bullshit. But the idea is certainly interesting. For example, for a new sci-fi movie …

Gennady Fedotov

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