Where to buy a house in London?

Where to buy a house in London?

London is the business capital of Europe, a desirable city for fruitful and active life. Therefore, more and more Russians are moving to live in the capital of England, together with their families. With this many at once faced with the choice of the priority area for the purchase of real estate.

London, our man is traditionally associated with the Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the store "Harods." This is the center, and here, as many believe, is the most prestigious and comfortable property. But, just arrived in the British capital, you know that living in the heart of London uncomfortable: crowded, noisy and very expensive. The best-known residential area of London are considered Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Kensington and Mayfair, but few know that even the £ 1 million to buy a decent house in these areas is not possible, even if the first-class real estate agents use trust your capital. The cost of 1 square. m in a new house in Knightsbridge starts from 30 thousand pounds. In one of the famous new buildings One Hyde Park prices start at 60 thousand pounds. In the real estate in the center there are many different nuances that can limit the ability of the owners in the form of ownership and possible reconstruction.

In particular, for the one who is planning to move his family to London, ideal northern London. Properties in this area — is price corresponds to good quality, and a decent level of comfort, safety and tranquility. This is an ideal and optimal areas for healthy living: they are close to a large park, Hampstead Heath, and so pleasing greenery, there are no crowds. The park is the highest point in London. It offers a stunning view of the city and its attractions. Here is one of the best schools in London, which is convenient for families with children.

These areas are preferred for themselves celebrities, politicians, members of famous families, as well as the owners of millions. Just outside the territory of the park originates famous Bishops Avenue — Street billionaires. For decades, this street is a symbol of prosperity and prestige for the wealthy people from around the world who know what is forex forecast currency market. It houses a larger area than in the heart of London, comfortable, with large gardens, swimming pools and a separate house for guests and servants.

Lack of real estate elite class in central London led to a good home that is hard to find today. Many of the buildings are under state protection, and reconstruction of the façade of the building is prohibited. Even replacing windows or exterior doors should be with the consent of the local municipalities.

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