While wood dovezut, then winter is over …

Belarus — the next boom: in many places people can not buy enough for winter firewood and peat briquettes. Torfobriketnyj plants and forest management can not cope with the orders. Difficult situation in the regions newly built boilers and CHP, many of which in recent years was transferred to local fuels.

Vitebsk Region

Peat on sale there, and the wood expensive

The villagers of Vitebsk await the big cold with fear. Some have simply no money to save fuel for the winter. And others would be willing to buy wood or briquettes, but does not have this capability.

Here is what their difficult situation of the village of Galina Derkovschina Gluboksky area:

"We have a boiler, and we burn is usually an armful of firewood and briquettes couple of baskets. So said briquette on sale there. It will only be around December. So there! And it is necessary to heat both now and in November. Something we still have left from last year, but not enough — we have a big house, 144 square meters. And this year is 70,000 tons, and before we bought a ton of briquettes for either 53, or 43 thousand. Still going up every time! And we bought firewood at 350,000 for the car last year. "

It would seem that the wood should be cheaper in those regions of the area, where many forests — for example, in the area of the Borough. But even there, they are not cheap, says a resident of the village Vereche Gorodetsky District Avtukhov:

"Forests have many, alder — a tree that grows very quickly … But the wood is too expensive, both on the local pension and earnings. For example, the trailer of firewood in the village Vereche worth 200,000 rubles. And in our forestry people get just by 350,000. "

Previously, says Leonid Avtukhov, preparation and delivery of firewood private traders engaged — and it was cheaper for the villagers. But now a monopoly in this case was a local forestry:

There used to be competition … Firewood we then did not cost so much!

"There used to be competition. I also worked on this, I had a truck, we wrote out plots, where trees are cut down, sawed them and traded. Firewood we then did not cost so much! And now all of us povytesnyali. First, it became impossible to buy a plot. If Gorodokskij Forestry attached to the enterprise "Vitebskdrev", almost all of them taken away. So that it remains the only enterprise — "Gortop."

According to Leonid Autukhou, in the current situation is flourishing illegal business: people secretly bought firewood forestry workers and those sawing trees so secretly carried about from house to house. The villagers it costs a little cheaper, and forestry workers have a certain income, other than wages.

But many people simply live in poverty, says Leonid Avtukhov because there is no money for firewood, and use the stove should be at least this:

"House dismantled. Or after clearing the site, if a branch is, we have to carry on a stepladder Vereche or winter sledding. Who as you can! And from the last fuel purchase. Here is my mother waiting for retirement — will buy firewood, already ordered … People buy fuel at us as of late, as the cold and hunger — this is the worst! "

Gomel Oblast

"Peat is very expensive, and I have a small pension"

One-third of the territory of the Gomel region is covered by forests. According to their reserves in the region holds first place in the country. Although in many fields and peat and coal, the bulk of the rural population prepares for the winter just firewood.

Retired from the village Zaradvinne Dobrush district, Mr. Basil says that the trailer have prepared for winter firewood. If I had money, would have brought, though boredom with these wood:

To prepare firewood, have three hundred thousand — and then be cleaved near the yard. And then you need to chop and drank more.

"First I have to go to the forest, to order. Then hire people tractor — and go into the woods, to load, to bring, to pay. To prepare firewood, have three hundred thousand — and then be cleaved near the yard. And then you need to chop and drank more. I'm not going are alternate saw in these years. Forty thousand — popilit "

In Polesje areas firewood is also in the foreground. For example, in the Zhitkovichi district has its own peat briquette plant, but the villagers living in the south of the area are used to the wood. From peat briquettes though more heat, but the villagers do not take them because of the high cost.

Says 84-year-old from the village of Mrs. Mary Ozeryany:

"Peat — it's very expensive to be. It is very expensive. And I have a small pension — I get only 350 thousand. "

A single woman, as most of the local villagers, get over 60,000 wood trim from a local sawmill — especially in the winter and heat their homes:

"From the factory trim — we, the plant is running. So I have prepared in the spring. Five packs have brought me the most. Enough is enough or not, it will later have to take care if you do not have enough. Who knows … "

In Rechitza local government is completing a mini-combined heat and power to local kinds of fuel, including the cast of the radiation-contaminated Khoyniki district.

Private homes that are close to the cogeneration plant, the heat will not centralized. Each owner will heat their homes on their own — who with the help of gas-fired boilers, and some firewood.

Said a local resident Mr Michael:

"In the forest go — there is discharged in gortoplivosbyt. Those who have already registered a house in the executive committee, you can go to gortoplivosbyt, stand in line and wait. They bring home firewood. "

Grodno region

Cash grants from the state for fuel has run out

The Grodno region not everyone among the villagers can buy fuel for the winter of subsidies. They offer to buy it at market prices — or wait until the beginning of next year.

In Olekshitskom village council secretary, said that on Monday wanting to buy firewood and briquettes were added to the lists of workers gortopa, but not all.

Mrs."Write out, however, until only those whom subsidy is: disabled, single and retired."

Secretary of the village council said: the problem with the fuel now comes from the fact that many are turning at the same time — say, all this is no time to do.

In BERESTOVITSA offices on procurement of fuel and did not give up on what the problem with the fuel for the population there. That's what told our radio chief master.

Mr."There are problems, end subsidies, so we write only the disabled, the lonely, the elderly."

Reporter"And the rest of what to do when the house is cold?"

Well, they carry. But as long as you dovezut, then winter will end.

Mr."Please be patient until the new year …"

If people have a desperate situation with the fuel master procurement office offers to buy fuel at market prices.

Mr."In a free price of briquettes can be purchased at Vertelishek 248764 rubles per ton. A wood — by 51 thousand for the book, if I'm not mistaken. Well, we should also add to this a breaker, etc. There is a wish, there is, of course. But I think that we still have no cold. "

Lord of the village GLEBOVICH says that to achieve fuel, especially now — a big problem, because even if purch
ased at market prices, it is still you write in any queue and waiting is not known how much.

Mr."Everything is good only in the propaganda of the authorities, and in fact, even those of wood to get it … Well, will be discharged if the money is there, but what money we earn on the farm? .. Well, you'll come to this gortop, prescribe, and then you try to bring in something that's somewhere in the village 25 kilometers from the district center. "

Reporter"So, it seems, gives procurement office, only have to pay?"

Mr."Well, they carry. But as long as you dovezut, then winter will end. That's not to say that they supposedly do not do anything, but do everything through his teeth. "



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