Who between freedom and bread bread chooses, he is left without anything

Muammar GaddafiMuammar Gaddafi:

* I — not the Libyan resistance, the Libyan resistance — is the people. They will continue to fight until NATO and all the others who are against them, they do leave from Libya. They will put their lives to protect our freedom, as well as many members of my family. I live in the hearts and in the hearts of millions.

* I — not the government of Libya, I do not hold official positions. I rebel.
I'm out of power.
The power belongs to the Libyan people.

* I have said many words, so many times that he was tired. "All this in the pages of the Green Book. Please read it and you'll understand. "

* I have completed my work, I handed over power, wealth and arms to the people to whom they belong. I am just one person among the millions of people living in Libya.

* I brought forth the Third World Theory. It is just as if humanity was locked in a cave without sunlight, and forgotten what it looks like sunshine. I found the rusty keys on the floor and put them in the lock. Now all that is required — is to turn the key again to come to light.

* The Green Book — a collection of truths, showing the way to solve the problem of power through democracy, wealth — through socialism, and social foundations of the Third World Theory. As a gardener, I did not create the fruit, but collected them from the tree and put it in the basket in the Green Book.

* I will never betray Libya, I will fight to the end, I will not leave the homeland.

* NATO will be forced to leave, they will never be able to occupy Libya, they will never be able to live in the world, plundering our property.

* (Rebels) and not last one day without NATO, so they have to make peace, as long as they have a chance.

* Do not trust the media, they will say that I have said this or that, I'm lost, I'm there or here. They lie, they are easy to manipulate, so do not believe them.

* No orders, took to the streets to rid the country of the rats until the green flag of freedom will not again fly everywhere.

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