Who is hiding in the Lake Van?

Many do not know that Turkey is not only beautiful beaches and resorts, but also his very real monster. It resides in the unique Lake Van, in size is quite comparable to a small sea.

Unique lake in Turkish "remote"

In the eastern part of Turkey (Eastern Anatolia) on the Armenian Plateau is a unique lake Van. This is the largest soda lake in the world and the fourth largest perennial closed lake. Lake area — 3574 km2, it is the largest lake in Turkey and the second largest (after Lake Urmia) Lake Middle East. It is situated at 1648 meters above sea level and has an irregular shape, somewhat resembling a triangle. Narrow strait divides the lake into a small and shallow northern and larger southern part, where the depth reaches 451 meters. The average depth of the lake Van is 161.2 meters.

Local people from ancient times called Lake Van "sea", and it is not surprising, because the width of the lake is 119 kilometers. Incidentally, in the ancient Mesopotamian sources of Lake Van is mentioned under the name "Sea of Nairi". But local residents and now called Lake Van sea. On the lake there are many small islands and four major islands — Gadir, Charpanak, Akhtamar and Atrek. Lake is fed by four small rivers — Bendimahi, Zeylan-Deresi, Caras, Michinger, make-up water as it goes through the spring thaw in the nearby mountains.

Mention of this unique lake there from ancient times in different historical and geographical works. The ancient geographer Strabo described this lake, "There is in Armenia also has a large lake … Arsene, also called Tospitas. It contains baking soda, cleans and repairs clothing. However, due to this impurity soda lake water not suitable for drinking. "

European scientists and explorers reached the shores of the lake in the middle of the XIX century. At that time Britain had a significant impact this region, so the researchers did not fear for his life and could not deal with any problems with their studies. During this period, made a map of the Lake Van area, defined area of the lake and its height above sea level. Particularly interested in the question of the relationship of scientists lake basin of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The fact that the local people have repeatedly told them of underground channels that connect the waters of the lake with the sources of the Tigris River. However prove a link to any other lakes rivers or reservoirs failed.

Almost the entire twentieth century due to political instability in the region of Lake Van research was conducted. Scientists have returned to its banks only in the 80's, so only at the end of the last century to precisely estimate the average depth of the lake, its volume, set the composition of water. Recently, Lake Van is increasingly referred to in the media by the monster that lives in its depths.

Mysterious monster

There are ancient Armenian legend that lives in the lake, "Van monster." However, almost the entire twentieth century because of the political situation in the region, where there is a lake, no one cared about this monster, and he calmly swam in the water, only occasionally showing up on front of the locals.

Curiously, one of the first witnesses who observed the monster, like a dinosaur, became vice-governor of the province of Van. Seen so shocked officials, he even appealed to the Turkish parliament to allocate money for the search of the mysterious monster.

June 10, 1997 26-year-old Unal Kozak, a teacher at the local university, managed to shoot the mysterious creature, floating on Lake Van. According to Kozak, the monster reaches a length of 15 meters. Unfortunately, the video does not give any clear picture of the monster, it is only visible on a dark object of a few meters, go on the surface of the lake.

Photos and videos Kozak, were sent to Cambridge for expert biologists from around the world. However, all attempts of scientists to classify the creature failed. It should be noted that the video Kozak was a fluke, he specifically hunted for this monster. Unal Kozak later wrote a book about a monster of Lake Van, which has admitted that he became obsessed with this monster since 1995, when the first witnesses who observed the mysterious creature.

The book contains about 1000 Kozak eyewitness who watched the lake monster. Those who managed to see the monster, describe him as a creature with a long neck, resembling a plesiosaur or ichthyosaur. Eyewitnesses estimated the length of the monster in the 15-17 m existence of many documentary evidence of the presence in Lake Van, a mysterious animal, accumulated since 1975, has led to the fact that the university in the city of Van was even created a special office. It enthusiasts engaged in organization of data and trying to think up any name for the mysterious monster.

All attempts to come up with a name for the exotic inhabitants of local waters have failed, the monster was simply called the "monster of Lake Van." Of course, you can give the name of the beast "Vanya," which would help the flow of Russian tourists to the lake, which do not deprive Turkey with attention. However, such a simple idea, apparently, did not come to local researchers in the head.

The purest creature in the world

Vani monster gradually gains worldwide popularity. Of course, he is far from the famous Loch Ness Monster, but there is Lake Van tent tourists, who dream to actually see the monster. By sundown, when, according to popular belief, the local people, the monster is shown out of the water, they pour out on the beach and was staring intently at the water surface, hoping to witness a miracle.

The lake is visited by the ubiquitous Japanese who persistently with cameras watched for the monster. Their persistence paid off: 300 meters from the shore they were able to pull off a live mysterious object, but the video quality was so low that it disassembled into something impossible.

Van Monster is arguably the most pure monster in the world, because in the water due to dissolved salts of sodium all who bathed in the lake, get out on the beach, leaving it all the accumulated dirt. The fact that the lake water has detergent properties due to sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate and sodium chloride, these salts are part of many kinds of soap. Local residents wash clothes in a lake without any detergent.

"Honestly, it is very surprising that such water can live a real monster, because animals in this unusual lake is not very much. Dwell in the lake only one species of fish belonging to the family Cyprinidae and looks like a herring. Not very, it is clear from did this monster. Based on the geological history of the lake, such beings could hardly survive here since the dinosaurs. Moreover, it was found that 17-18 thousand years ago, Lake Van is almost completely dry, broken up into small pools of brine, and is unlikely In such an environment can survive any major substance. Yet in Lake Van is hidden from scientists and curious tourists a large creature

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