Why not recognize telepathy?

July 19, 2012 19:30

Famous American journalist Steven Wolf accidentally fell into the hands of actualities. It turned out that many of the documented scientific experiments on the phenomenon of telepathy is so convincing that one wonders why these data have not yet made public.

Some of the statements in this amazing phenomenon were published in 1951 in the work of the psychologist Donald Hebb. In his article, he also described why this information, despite its credibility, is still not widespread.

According to Hebb, humanity does not accept extra-sensory perception (ESP) as a fact of scientific basis, because of the reluctance to re-make its concepts. Easier for us to believe that this is one of the many prejudices. And this phenomenon is ephemeral in itself, so to say that any of the modern scientists have been able to continue it, too, is problematic. But in reality, it is something more than the usual conservatism.

But just four years later in one of the most popular American journals «Science» loud appeared an article written by George Price, researcher Medical University of Minnesota.

The article states that those who fully supported the idea of the existence of mental superpowers man who never backed down from this position, apparently, won a landslide victory. You could even say that they forced the opposition into silence.

However, it is worth noting that neither Donald Hebb, neither George Price did not consider the effect of ESP compatible with modern science. In higher academia not even begun to talk about the need to create separate scientific committee, which would have engaged in such research. All because of the scientific experiments with this phenomenon creates quite an obvious threat to the existing scientific theories.

According to scientists, supporting the existence of telepathy, now between parapsychology and canonical science has been a relentless and uncompromising confrontation. However, due to the apparent dominance of the latter, this amazing aspect of parapsychology is doomed to remain ignorant.

Of course, you can understand the skepticism, say, in the 1950s. However, we can speak of the most modern people: even after the million convincing scientific evidence that it is possible, they can hardly believe it. For them, it will always be outside the ordinary. These discoveries will not surprise only those who have personal experience of the ESP.

It is worth mentioning that both supporters and opponents agreed telepathy only one opinion: "Telepathy simply inverts the usual laws of physics on its head. Although there is a fundamental scientific theory can be questioned not only extrasensory.

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