Word of the desires

September 16, 2012 20:13

You may wish to all, but be aware of the consequences.

You live in a wonderful world of collective illusion which seems to you in your life where your every thought, desire becomes, has the ability to manifest in the mind as a material object or event. Thinking about something, you create the intention, providing an impact on the formation of a collective illusion, influencing the future course of events in her apparent. Thinking about the desired or undesired, you attract it into your life. And what you have now — this is just what you wanted before.

Perhaps you think that would not exactly, or even not at all what you have now, and in your life a lot of unwanted, and what you wanted, did not happen. But if you think that what happened does not match the previous incarnation of your desires, it is only because most of your desires is not realized by you and you have not learned to understand what you really want.

It is possible that many of you want to protest, saying that they know what they want. But then the answer to your question is, "Is it safe to know what you really want in this fantasy world where everything is changing at a time where nothing is stable, which is something that seems necessary at a time at other times it may be not only useless, but even cause harm? "

I can give examples:

One "B" really wanted the car, and bought it on credit. But a month after the purchase, he had an accident. Now he was disabled, lost his job and he has a big problem with the payment of the loan.

One "M" wanted by all means to marry one girl. He managed to do it, but now it draws money from him, changing him, turning his life into a continuous suffering.

A kind of "T" of sincere motives strongly attended to his daughter, interfering in her personal life. As a result, she will be able to destroy the life of his daughter, it all fell out. So mother lost her daughter to herself: now the daughter accuses her mother that she has not developed a personal life.

And the list when a seemingly good intentions lead to negative consequences, is endless.

Does all of these people are consequences of their desires? All this has happened to them according to their own negligence, and they got just what they wanted both consciously and unconsciously. They wanted to fulfill their wish so much that did not pay attention to all the other arising in these thoughts. All thoughts, which later became their problem, they have been in the subconscious and eventually manifested themselves in this way in the collective illusion. Their problem existed on a subconscious level, and thanks to their perseverance found its realization in life. So when you experience any desire, then you should always be careful and aware of the consequences.

Everything thought involved in creating the illusion that you think your life. Thinking about the desirability or otherwise of rejoicing or worrying about something, you bring it to life. Therefore, you should learn to understand what is going on in your mind.

Make sure your thoughts. Try to make their statistics, at least for one day. Notice the thoughts that arise during the day. Among them you can find ideas as desired, and an unwanted thoughts that cause pleasure or you do not need experience. At the end of the day Analyze your thoughts and see how many of the unwanted thoughts or thoughts that cause negative feelings arose during the day. Then count how many of these thoughts was a month, a year. Now think of how these thoughts affect your life. It is possible that after that you will no longer there wondering why your life is formed in this way.

That understandwhat you want, should clean up in your mind, learn to distinguish and reject the false. And it will help you practice observing your thoughts, developing the ability to discern the true from the illusory, the ability to focus their attention. All this in more detail you can find on this site.

Stanislav Milevich

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