Xinhua: Lukashenko is convinced that wins the election

As reported by Xinhua, Lukashenko is convinced that doing everything to help his people overcome difficulties and live happily ever after. According to him, the president, a post he has held since 1994 — a great honor for him hard, but he loved the work. Lukashenko's presidency rates as the happiest period of his life.

Two months before the presidential elections on December 19 it sure would win, it would be re-elected for a fourth term.

These correspondents "Xinhua", as well as representatives of the Central Chinese Television and most influential newspaper in the country, "People's Daily" with Alexander Lukashenko held yesterday in Minsk. Interview Belarusian president Xinhua News Agency passed today, the day of the official visit of Lukashenko to China. Today Lukashenko arrives in Shanghai. In the plans of his trip, which will last until October 11, a visit to World Expo-2010 in Shanghai, meetings with the Chinese leadership, in the account with the chairman of the State Council of the PRC Hu Jintao attended the opening of the Belarusian-Chinese science and technology park in the city of Changchun and other event.


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