Yandex has presented navigation service

"Yandex" has presented a navigation service for smartphones. About the company said March 13 at a special press conference.

Free app "Yandeks.Navigator" is available for smartphones and tablets iOS and Android. It allows you to build road links with the traffic jams. In this case, the application will "lead" the driver with voice prompts.

Total application can build itineraries in 519 cities of Russia and Ukraine.

Service allows you to specify as the destination as a specific address, and organization. The application provides the user with two options — the best time and the best for mileage. In case the vehicle is clear of the route chosen, the application automatically rebuild the road. Also, the route will be rebuilt if the traffic situation will change dramatically — for example, if the path of the accident occurs. In this case, the application will alert the user to adjust the route.

The developers emphasize that individual efforts have been spent to improve the smoothness of the animation in the application. In this case, the pre-existing application "Yandex" will remain available to users, but in the future, "Yandex" does not exclude the association of these two services.

In July 2011, "Yandex" has launched an application platform for Windows CE, which is used in most of the Navigators. However, during the press conference of developers have recognized that this is a dead-end branch and further develop it receives.

Google Inc. has introduced a mobile navigation service, is officially working in Moscow and the Moscow region, in March 2011. However, the navigator from Google presented only on devices based on Android.



I can only add that the program really works very plan even on a slow devayse, such as the Acer Liquid (not advertising, just have on hand). Navigator very much, I advise everyone to try, maps caches.

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