Yandex has won the tender of the European Microsoft Internet giant

The largest Internet portal Czech Seznam, choosing video search technology, compared the solutions Microsoft, AOL and "Yandex". The choice was made in favor of "Yandex", despite the fact that the search for Microsoft Bing Seznam already uses in its other services.


"Yandex" has agreed to cooperate with the largest information retrieval portal Czech Republic — Seznam, which owns about 56% of the local market. Today, 30 November, on this portal launched video search, developed "by Yandex." He works in a beta version at

Already, video search takes into account the morphology, and soon will begin to correct typographical errors in queries. Over the quality of service work including new employees, "Yandex" from the Czech Republic, the company said.

New video search uses the same technology as the "Yandex.Video." Seznam users can find videos on a global and local Internet. Service is looking for more than 200 Czech and resources directly to and from 12 major video hosting sites. daily visited by about three million people. With more than 5% of the queries related to the search of videos.

The search engine for the service Seznam chose to tender. According to CNews, it besides "Yandex" was also attended by the Swedish company PicSearch, the U.S. holding company AOL and Microsoft with its search engine Bing. The technology is already in use Bing Czech portal for finding an English-language Internet.

"We are pleased that the technology" Yandex "won in the competition among multiple search engines, — says Paul Winter, CEO — We value our long-standing acquaintance, we are pleased to create a service for the Czech people with "by Yandex."

«Seznam and" Yandex "has met 10 years ago. Since then, we communicate and share experiences — adds Arkadiy Dobkin, CEO of "Yandex". — Seznam, as well as "Yandex" — the player who holds the lead in the country, despite the presence of global competitors. We are pleased that our company is now not just colleagues, and business partners who share technology. "

Cooperation between Seznam and "by Yandex" means the division of the proceeds of the search for the video to be monetized using PPC advertising Seznam Sklik — the leader of the Czech contextual advertising market, according to a press release. In addition, the search results will be displayed logo of the Russian company with reference to the corporate website.

It should be noted that, according to comScore, Seznam took 2nd place in the Top 15 European resources that have shown the greatest growth in September 2011 compared with August 2011 In September 2011, the monthly audience Seznam increased by 25% to 14.1 million users.

According to IAB Europe, in 2010, the Czech online advertising market was 186 million euros, of which 86 million were in contextual advertising, 82 million euros — for banner and EUR 18 million — on advertising in the online ads. The pace of growth in Czech Republic is in seventh place among European Internet markets (front: Russia, Turkey, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland and Bulgaria) — in 2010 online advertising market grew by 24.2% compared to 2009 by growth of contextual advertising Czech Republic is in sixth place with 37%.

Czech Republic is a small list of countries where national leaders are search engines. In addition to the Czech Republic and Russia, it's the U.S. (Google), China (Baidu) and South Korea (Naver).

"Yandex" in June 2011 and provides a search engine for Rambler. Similar agreements were concluded earlier between Baidu and Microsoft, and Google, Yahoo, and Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

In September 2011, "Yandex" has entered the Turkish internet market by launching it its new portal with search engine, e-mail, an interpreter, and other news aggregator services.

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