You sir, the king-fire …

You sir, the king-fire ...

You sir, the king-fire — the Slavs came to him, and added, — all you kings king. Revered by our ancestors fire and asked her grace and humility. You bet! Oh that's that, and the fires have claimed so many lives, not to speak of any material assets were …

It is hardly a coincidence that the name of the element so hot tune the ancient Vedic god Agni, who was the twin brother of the king of the gods Indra and protected fire. And as the fiery serpents in folklore — are countless.

On the other hand, without the fire and can not do in everyday life: burning fireplace provides heat, light, food. He is one of the essential foundations of the universe. Can destroy — to destroy everything in its path, and can clean, warm and kindle the flame of creativity. How to separate the incarnation?

Our ancestors believed that the enemy fire is only when there is no proper care at home. While love and revere, he protects his family, and if stopped — not pity, becoming the keeper of life in an uncontrolled force. That is, it was a kind of tuning fork of order: while the entropy in small quantities — ignores or eliminates, but if increases prohibitively — destroys what it has created.

So fire prefers order, cracking down, if necessary, to chaos. That's right, and not vice versa. The ashes or erecting a new building according to certain rules, or leave with him forever. Funny: even by today's legal standards is: If chimney is intact, so the house is not burned to the ground, therefore, are not so fire victims who lost the roof over their heads.

This can be seen in all their dealings with the elements. Moreover, such a relationship is not built on the basis of the will of the fetters of fear, but rather based on the ability to negotiate. Considering all the surrounding living, wise our ancestors did not just donate the same fire "from his stomach," and recognized his right to his way of speaking, which sought to understand.

… Have you ever looked at a candle flame? No metaphor is that there is a fire flower, no. This can be seen, but having looked closely at the multicolored light, and kindled by you. And there you can send any negativity that has accumulated in a day or over a longer period of time.

The flames will not lose brightness. It can even be happy that you inner world in order. And you're about five minutes after looking at that light, and feel peace in yourself. And know that you have a new ally: the old, proven over centuries and tyasyacheletiyami revered ancestors, known as priest-king-fire.

Valentina Ponomareva

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