Zhovny Saderlend

Obit Zhovny Saderlend on Sunday hit the headlines in most Western countries — and here in the news media organization where I work, this is nothing. My colleagues agreed that her name is most Belarusians says nothing.

I was simply stunned by the news. How sad that someone on this planet would not know anything about the existence of this amazing talent.

Zhovny Saderlend, who was born in Australia in 1926, was one of the most outstanding kalyaraturnyh sopranos of the twentieth century. Critics have called her voice "impeccable." After her debut in 1969 in Venice, Italy called her "La Stupenda", fine. Many considered it a great nastupnitsay Maria Callas. Luciano Pavarotti, whom she strongly supported early in his career, called it "the voice of the century." Queen Elizabeth II made her a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

With its amazing technique and extraordinary range and easily taking the high notes Saderlend gained fame in the roles of the bel canto repertoire — in the "Norma" Belini and "Lucia de Lyamermor" Donizetti.

It is in the role of Lucia Zhovny Saderlend in 1961, first performed on the stage of the New York Opera Metrapoliten. In his obituary on spyavachtsy in yesterday's issue of The New York Times music critic Anthony Tamazini recalls how "after the first half of Lucia's mad scene in the last act, culminating in the famous high-mi bemol, applause in the hall lasted nearly 5 minutes. When the scene is over and the mad Lucia, dying, fell to the stage, the ovation lasted 12 minutes. "

I was still quite small, but in a years I managed to buy a ticket on the upper balcony in the theater Metrapoliten, and I could see and hear himself Zhovny Saderlend. It took 40 years, and I still feel the tremors.

Listen for yourself:

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