25 square meters — for a museum of Vasil Bykov

Today, in the Grodno City Executive Committee issued a warrant for the premises for the public museum of Vasil Bykov. The museum was created local veterans' organization, an accountant whose Evgeny Bogdanov received the order, together with the curator of the museum fund Alexei Demidovich.

According Demidovich, the room has an area of 25 square meters and is located on the same corridor to the room (13 square meters) veterans' organization, which now houses a museum collection. Now we need to resolve the issue with the rent for the new space — so it was not too high and veterans could pay it, he says.

Public Museum of Vasil Bykov is in the early twentieth century, newly built on a pedestrian street Soviet, 31. The writer lived in Grodno quarter of a century, after which he moved to the capital. The city on the Neman he wrote "Crane Creek", "The third rocket", "Alpine Ballad", "Dead Do not hurt" and his other famous works. Museum was created after the death of Vasil Bykov in the summer of 2003.


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