4% of the genes of the Belarusians from Asians

Genetic portrait of the modern Belarusian indicates that the Belarusian — it indaevrapeets, Slav, which nearest neighbor is Russian, Ukrainians, Balts and Germans. In the DNA Belarusians from 2 to 4% of Asian descent gene systems.

This, according to BelaPAN, results of studies that have conducted at the Institute of Genetics and tsytalegii the National Academy of Sciences. Collection of genetic material carried in 2005 —2006x in six major regions of Belarus. Have been collected and studied nearly a thousand samples of genetic material.

According to the scientist Oleg Davydenko, led the study, information on the genetic portrait of Belarusian necessary for national identity, and is also important for historical science. On the basis of research, scientists have learned that the country was inhabited by the ancestors of modern Belarusians about 8000 years.

The research results will also be useful for modern criminology, said Oleg Davydenko.



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