50 destiny under one cover

Oct. 22 in the office of the Belarusian Popular Front present the book journalist Alexander Tamkovich "Destiny." It — monologues 50 prominent figures of modern Belarus — politicians, scientists, intellectuals.

Alexander Tomkovich — Author of several books, portraits of our contemporaries, the heroes of recent history. Says journalist Alexander Tomkovich:

"In 2006, I presented the first part of the book -" fate. "At that moment, I knew little whiteRussian language. Who made the "Destiny". And "Family Album" — 472 pages. A book is a monologue 50 most outstanding people of Belarus. "

Journalists know how it is sometimes difficult to talk with a friend, find topics of interest to man, to come up with non-standard, banal questions that will make the interlocutor open. The poet Gennady Buraukin — One of the heroes of the book "Destiny", a man demanding. Here's what he said about working with Alexander Tomkovich:

Gennady Buraukin

"Tomkovich — a talented journalist, the journalist is interesting to me, and so it is always such a person to communicate, as the saying goes, easy and pleasant. Because it feels colleague, as I am a journalist. And it feels a man whose rich spiritual world. In this sense, I work with him was easy. "

The poet Sergei Zakonnikau — Also, one of the heroes of Alexander Tamkovich:

Sergei Zakonnikau

"Thank God, where he was interviewed, where he collected a bunch — and made this book. Because really have very little — I do not like scary word" elite. "But it is very good at what he says about the Belarusian people that what- you did it professionally and in public life. "

In the edition of a lot of documents, photographs from personal archives, albums heroes, says Alexander Tomkovich.

"Some 52 pages of photos. I'm sure many will be interested to see what we were children Orlov, Gorki, Khaschevatsky, Bialiatski or Pashkevych in his youth."

Author Alexander Tomkovich said that has been running on the new interview-monologue that will be included in the next book.

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