6 business cards Cherepovets reached the final of the competition logo

In Cherepovets was probably the first city in the country, which swung to create AUDIOSLOGANa! At least we have about these attempts so far have not. Also, choose a regular slogan and logo. 6 "cards" to the finals.

Following the meeting, the jury selected six works were the most different from the rest graphic combinations, composite constructions and originality of the concept. The works represent a sufficiently diverse composition of the letter combinations "Che", a stylized graphical representations of the city with recognizable buildings in the form of diagrams and abstract architectural models of the mark. Now each of the "business card" is directed to the founders for revision.

We like these two options:

Other logos, published in the final, you can see the here.

The authors of the 6 best "business card" of the city will be able to personally defend their projects to a jury, to talk about the basic idea of creation, its values. Finals will be held in mid-November.

We add all the contest participants presented more than 200 works, and the winner will not only be the owner of a cash prize of 20 thousand rubles, but will also be the author of the sign in the entrance of the Cherepovets Zesheksninskogo district.

Here You can read all the works submitted to the contest, including the slogans and audiologotipami.



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