60 years Miguev in Lukhovitsy

I have previously Contributed a post about my trip to the anniversary of the city of MiG Luhovitsy. But there were just pictures. Now a full-fledged prepared material. You can find more detail as to the past and present aircraft factory.


Located in Luhovitsy industrial complex of the Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG" is gradually becoming the main venue of the legendary aircraft company, which is currently experiencing a revival. It is here today serial production of modern fighter aircraft that enter into service not only of the Russian army, but also a number of foreign air forces.

The history of aviation plant in Lukhovitsy begins with the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on October 11, 1951. The decision to create a personally made the chairman of the Council of Ministers V. Stalin. The document indicates the need for land acquisition under the Ministry of Aviation Industry construction of industrial buildings and structures "Object number 3" in Lukhovitsky area.

With the captured aircraft

This decision marked the beginning of the unification into a single aircraft production of several independent companies working in the said territory. In particular, they talked about the "Object number 3" or, as it is called, TSLIB (Central flight-testing framework), and a branch of the Moscow Aviation Plant number 30, whose test site was relocated in Luhovitsy of Zhukovsky. In order to develop new production and testing facilities in the month under airfield allocated 2,500 acres of land. It is also interesting that the construction of hangars and infrastructure in 1950 was allocated metal, dismantled in Germany. The tests began with aircraft captured aircraft.

In 1953, the first phase of construction has been put into operation, and the object given the name "Central flight test base." At this point, the decision to establish a branch in Lukhovitsy Moscow Machine-Building Plant, later known as "the thirtieth plant."

The first group of workers came to work full 15 May 1953. It consisted of motor mechanics, radio operators, priboristov — almost all of them were participants in the war. In 1955, already operated six manufacturing integrated teams to test the bombers IL-28. Serial production of this type of aircraft was 96 aircraft per month, and was discontinued in 1957. Total managed to produce about 3,000 cars. The task of the first manufacturing plant plant (№ 100) was to practice all types of aircraft, produced at the main plant in Moscow. Subsequently, at its base were formed two shops — № 39 and 101, then the number 44. The shop number 39 today is part of the flight test facility number 2 PERSONS A. Fedotov behalf of JSC "RAC" MiG ". On account of this shop working out of more than two dozen types of aircraft and their modifications.

From 1950 to 1967, the plant spent practicing company Ilyushin aircraft. Among them, the piston airliner Il-14, Il-18 passenger, equipped with four turboprop engines, turboprop aircraft reconnaissance aircraft of the Navy Il-38, which, by the way, is still in service.

In 1957 the same was made a series of ten Yak-25 — the first Russian jet fighter designed for air-defense forces. On this machine, installed the first powerful radars to detect air targets. Since 1959, first began to rise in the sky airplanes Su brand. Thus, we can conclude that in this period the plant was looking for a custom theme in the aircraft industry. In 1959, the branch of the plant and TSLIB merge and form a branch of the Moscow Machine-Building Plant "Banner of Labor."

Only MiGs

In 1962, the plant begins a new topic — supersonic MiG-21. Only 3203 were built MiG-21 in different versions and with different types of engines. In the future, the license for the production of this type of aircraft assigned to India. The pace of construction was impressive, and accounted for 30 cars a month.

Collage Andrew Grizzly

Working with the MiG-21 was a turning point in the fate of the industrial complex. Since then, the main and the main focus of his work is the development and production of aircraft MiG brand developed by the famous design firm Mikoyan.

Another machine has mastered the MiG-23. In the period from 1969 to 1984 produced more than four thousand aircraft of this type. It is worth recalling that the MiG-23 — the first domestic supersonic fighter with variable sweep wing. Produced in the MiG-23P, MiG-23B, MiG-23BN. These cars were in service of more than 20 countries in the world, and some of them are used to this day.

In this period there is not only the intensive construction of production facilities. In addition to the development of new workshops are being actively updated most of the equipment and machines for the first time introduced computer-controlled machines, improved technology and work organization.

But the real fame and flourishing businesses associated with the development of the first fourth-generation fighter MiG-29, production of which begins in 1982. Launch of this new product has given a strong impetus to the development of the plant, because the design of the aircraft required a new type of development of innovative technologies and substantial improvement of existing ones. In 1986, the MiG-29 fighters were armed with many of the Soviet Air Force. This contributed including a high rate of production of new machines: each year leave the factory workshops 250-300 aircraft.

MiG-29, without exaggeration, is a unique aircraft. First rising to the sky for more than 30 years ago, and he still is one of the best fighters in his class. However, well-regulated mass production vehicles of this type in the number of corporate failures in the period of the general crisis of defense played a cruel joke with the company, effectively putting a successful company to the brink of survival.

The fact is that in an era of global change associated with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the formation of its territory a number of independent states, the leaders continued to mass production of MiG fighters, despite the lack of demand from customers. As a result, already built aircraft were not wanted. As a result, the company has accumulated huge debts and seriously raised the question of the elimination of the production site in Lukhovitsy.

Revived production

The change of leadership the company has played a positive role. The first work was carried out by Corporate Development, as a result of which created the Russian Aircraft Corporation (RAC) 'MiG'. In the early years of the new millennium managed to conclude some export contracts, only in the period from 2000 to 2003 were exported about 45 fighters. Intensified work on the new machines, one of which was the MiG-29 SMT.

  • 60 years as one MiG
  • 60 years as one MiG
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Turning in the fate of the enterprise can be considered efforts to develop and launch the production ship the MiG-29K. In fact, this particular car manufacturing facility in Lukhovitsy owes his second birth.

January 20, 2004
signed the largest in the history of bilateral relations between Russia and India contract for the upgrade of heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Gorshkov". The agreement provided for the delivery of 28 MiG-29K, which should be based on its deck. The first flight of the new machine was held January 20, 2007. After a break of 21 years in the air rose brand new, re-designed and built aircraft. Fighter equipped with fully digital control system, as well as optical and radar station. Have been significantly improved performance sighting and navigation system, modified engine. On the machine for the first time implemented a set of measures to reduce the radar signature. Also introduced a new system of energy supply, new hydraulic and fuel system, new oxygen system. Airframe reached 6,000 flight hours, and significantly increased life of the engine and other units responsible. MiG-29K improved corrosion resistance, reinforced landing gear, increased to 15 per cent share of the composite material to improve take-off and landing characteristics of mechanization changed the wing mounted flight refueling system, uses a new multi-purpose multi-mode pulse-Doppler airborne radar "Zhuk- ME ".

Also done a lot of work on the preparation of production. March 18, 2008 in the Flight Test Complex number 2 was flown first production MiG-29KUB, a full cycle of the assembly is done in the shop number 1 PC 2380. Already in 2009 the first batch of naval MiG-29K/KUB designed and built by the RAC "MiG", was staged in India. This follows successful flight tests conducted in the Barents Sea. In December 2011, the completed aircraft deliveries included in the contract of 2004, and the company started to build the next batch of ship-based fighters in accordance with the contract signed with India in March 2010.

In mid-2012, the MiG-29KUB made the first landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya", is being tested in the Barents Sea.

The aircraft was put all the best that has accumulated firm "MiG". Ship Fighter is very close in performance to the aircraft of the fifth generation. He is able not only to dogfight, but also hit the surface and ground targets, thus combining the possibility of a maneuverable fighter bombers and attack aircraft.

In parallel, there was a successful operation on MiG-29M/M2. A December 24, 2010 MiG-29M2 first took to the air.

Another success of this period can be considered as the modernization of the first six MiG-29 carried out for the Indian Air Force on the MiG-29UPG. The agreement provides for a comprehensive modernization of the entire fleet of MiG-29 were in service in India.

The company today

May 31, 2013 The industrial complex number 1 celebrated its 60th anniversary. Leaders RAC "MiG" has invited journalists to visit the company, where members of the press were able to see for myself how the plant turns into a modern production facility equipped with the most advanced equipment.

  • 60 years as one MiG
  • 60 years as one MiG

Over the past five years a program of intensive technological renovation. Successful solution of the tasks of expanding the production and development of release MiG-29K/KUB, MiG-29M/M2, MiG-29 SMT and MiG-29UPG require a radical re-production. Since 2007, the workshops are equipped with a high-performance computer-controlled machines. Their introduction has allowed several times to reduce the time required for the manufacture of parts and structural components, which greatly increases the efficiency of production.

It should also be noted that being actively developed and locally-area network PC number one, within which is already more than a thousand computers. Ten connected to the network server 800 and over the workstations. RAC "MiG" This is not going to stop — in the budget already provides considerable funds for the development of IT.

Such an unprecedented retooling is also connected with the fact that the development plans of the corporation manufacturing site in Lukhovitsy to become the main exchange in Moscow. On institutional issues, it should be noted that the work on the planned implementation of a joint program of the industrial site. Its purpose — to bring production capacity in line with the plans of the signed and prospective contracts. The program provides for specialization and Nizhny Novgorod plant "Sokol".

During a visit to Luhovitsy journalists had the opportunity to see with their own eyes the build process of modern combat aircraft. The first thing that catches your eye — is the age of engineers, workers and designers. After talking with the employees of the enterprise, we found out that about half of the staff is under the age of 20 to 40 years, which is a very good indicator.

Within the visit the production site was able to speak with the head of the RAC "MiG" Sergei Korotkov. According to him, the production plans of the company in the short term associated primarily with the implementation of existing contracts for the supply of aircraft to foreign customers as well as domestic Air Force. In particular, the Russian army before the end of the year must be received by the first MiG-29K contract for the delivery of 24 aircraft of this type of Russian Navy concluded in 2012.

Given the dramatic events taking place at the present time in the Middle East, it was interesting to see the progress of implementation of the contract for the supply of MiG-29M2 ciriyskim Air Force. To the surprise of journalists, the head of the RAC "MiG" did not leave the answer to this question, and said that the first aircraft have already been built and tested. The question of their delivery to the customer will decide the leadership of Russia.

  • 60 years as one MiG
  • 60 years as one MiG

Traditionally, members of the press interested in the topic of promising developments. Answering the question of "military-industrial complex" of the research in this direction, Sergei Korotkov said that the RAC "MiG", which won the respective contest Industry and Trade Ministry of the Russian Federation, May 15 signed a contract for research and development work to identify forward-looking image of the impact of UAVs for the needs of Ministry of Defense. In this area you plan to use all of the available reserve MiG on this topic, especially considering the experience of the project "Slope". Recall that the layout of the shock UAV "Scat" was first presented at the Air Show "MAKS-2007". This UAV is designed to attack both stationary targets previously explored, as well as on mobile land and sea targets.

In addition to tours of the production shops, visit the program of aircraft building plant in Lukhovitsy were provided demonstration flights of the latest developments of the domestic aircraft manufacturers. To the press and other guests took to the air and performed complex aerobatic maneuvers multi-purpose fighter Su-35S design "Sukhoi" combat trainer Yak-130 Production Corporation "Irkut" and the latest development of the RAC "MiG" — the MiG-35.

It is noteworthy that the achievements of the firm Sergei Korotkov demonstrated in person, taking the place of the co-pilot in the cockpit of the MiG-35.

During last year's visit by journalists of the production site in Lukhovitsy MiG Sergei Korotkov said cautiously that the negotiat
ions on the supply of Russian Air Force MiG-35. And at the end of May 2012, it became known that the negotiations are in the final stages and will be in June signed a contract for delivery of 24 MiG-35 is not excluded the possibility that the number of vehicles delivered may reach 37 units.

Summing up the trip to Luhovitsy it's safe to say that the RAC "MiG" is possible not only to bring back to life for today's largest aircraft manufacturing plant fighter in the European part of Russia, but also give it a new impetus for further development. Expanded mass production here suggests that the enterprise has a future. Proof of that are filled with new aircraft shops, and modern equipment, and a steady increase in the wages of workers. The increase in output and new export contracts, interest in returning to the brand MiG aircraft from the Air Force Russia — all this testifies to the fact that the legendary aviation company returns to its leadership, including on the world arms market.

Help "MIC"

Of the RAC "MiG" — a Russian aircraft manufacturer. The product range includes modern fighter-interceptors, multi-functional combat aircraft, including the newly developed fighter aircraft of the unified family MiG-29K/KUB MiG-29M/M2 and the latest MiG-35, a training technique, light utility aircraft. Designers are hard at work on a new generation of aircraft equipment, both manned and unmanned. RAC "MiG" has a modern design and design and experimental base, well equipped manufacturing facilities, effective financial and marketing structures, as well as the established global system technical support for its products. Creating a brand MiG fighters carried out with the use of digital technologies in all stages of the life cycle: from design to after-sales service. This quality management system (QMS), which covers the design, manufacture, testing, maintenance, inspection and repair of military products. QMS is based on the international standards of quality management system ISO 9000. MiG aircraft marks are the basis of fighter aircraft of the Armed Forces of Russia.

The weekly "Military-Industrial Courier" congratulates the whole team number 1 PC RAC "MiG" with the 60-year anniversary and wants always to achieve outstanding results.
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