60 years of Kherson Shipyard, the most successful enterprise in the shipbuilding industry in Ukraine

Anniversary of "Kherson Shipyard" fell on the twenty-fourth October of 2011. For objective estimates for the past 2010 financial result of the plant was 37% percent of the total revenue sudostoroitelnoy and ship repair industry in Ukraine. And this is — undisputed leadership.

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However, despite the round date, anniversary was somehow less joyous than birthdays Businesses that celebrated the past couple of years.
The thing is disturbing and contradictory messages about the serious difficulties faced by the plant, the rumors about the "closure and sale of equipment" as well as in real debts on wages to the collective of the plant. To dispel any doubts, to avoid the worst scenarios and life back in depressed departments of the plant were designed to lead "crisis manager" and former gen.derektor Vasyl Fedin ageneral industry and recently the position of Acting General Manager of the plant, its veteran Vasily Filipyev. What happened (or get) in the updated manual of the plant — will soon, but the preconditions for normal development are already available. According to official sources, the plant, the company has already received orders up to 2013, and the average wage of production staff will be 3000 grviven. Another great confidence in the future of the plant inspires series of successfully completed orders in recent years.
From 2005 to 2011. at Kherson Shipyard was built 37 vessels, including 10 cases of offshore vessels and 11 cases of river chemical tankers, dry cargo ship hull, 11 dry cargo vessels of "Chelsea", 3 railway ferry, cargo ship «St. Nikolas ". Several years has seen steady growth in production and" financial performance of the company from customers Kherson Shipyard Holland, Italy, Russia and Durga maritime powers. Most satisfied largest order for the Russian strony (excluding large-scale repairs and upgrades) was:

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The newly multipurpose dry cargo vessel "ST. NICOLAS "Company" Moskam shipping company limited "(the length of the ship — 139.082 m, dwt 6700 m), 2009

Individuality among the recently implemented a major project orders released — a series of four ships yakoreukladchikov project VS 491 CD for maintenance of offshore platforms in the high latitudes.

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The ship «Siem Amethyst», 4th of Kherson Shipyard built the project VS 491 CD.

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The ship «Siem Topaz», № 2 of the same project.

Engineering design of ships designed by the Norwegian engineering company "VIK-SANDVIK", the customer is performed Kleven Maritime skandinaskoy from the same country. The ship's length — 91 meters, maximum width — 22 meters, depth — 9.6 meters. The first head-supply vessel was delivered to the customer yakoreukladchik March 25, 2008, and the last four — June 8, 2010. At the handover ceremony of the ship, were present not only the management of the plant and Norwegian representatives, but also the first deputy general director of "Smart holding" for the development and asset management Alex Timofeev.
Why we are interested in the presence of Mr. Timofeev? Because it nedvuznachno demonstrates sufficient importance attached to the plant managers "Smart-Holding" in the basket mnogochslennyh their assets. And in it, apart from Kherson Shipyard, not anything, but Inguletsky GOK Makeyevka Metallurgical Plant, Steel "Plazmateks" and a number of manufacturing, management and investment companies. Most Kherson Shipyard owned 90.25% stake in the Black Sea Shipyard (Mykolaiv) and all shares of "Sudmashprom."

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Recall that in 1999 founded the group "Smart-Holding" is more than 60% owned by the Russian company "Lukatl-North-West", in svoyuchered proprietary businessman from St. Petersburg Vadim Novinsky consisting president of "Smart Holding".
Actually Kherson Shipyard was founded in 1951 as the main shipyard of commercial shipbuilding in the USSR. Since 1980, construction began on the first domestic lighters: vessel length — 262.8 m, depth — 18.3 m, width — 32.2 m, displacement 60,000 tons presence on the vessel 500t crane allowed without the onshore funds perform cargo operations Going up and down lighters or 82 containers in 1473. It often happened that the plant built at the same time 5-6 vessels of different projects. Since the mid 80's shipbuilders embarking on the construction of the Arctic supply ships. They are designed for the transport of cargo: bulk, lubricants, wheeled vehicles. In 1986 he received orders for drill ships: depth-1 and depth-2. By the way, the class "drill ship": a modern business card company would be sophisticated drilling vessel "Gazprom-1"

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if not for his sad fate in the marvelous 90 years (the ship was built with the grief consumed 10 years, and then never worked for ageneral industry). However, Kherson Shipyard has extensive experience in the construction and implementation of a wide range of other complex Drafts, including tankers of up to 30,000 tonnes So from 1976 until the end of the 90s for different customers were built 49 tankers.
Only wish the integration of Kherson Shipyard — "Smart-Holding" to overcome the emerging crisis, do not lose the team (now 1500), and in the future to be worthy of its legendary Soviet history. In Kherson, a town of shipbuilders, in another not.

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