61 armored repair plant

Points of Interest in St. Petersburg military militaristic orientation, which is interesting that penetrate almost over. This point is found on Wikimapia long ago, when he saw the slender ranks of green boxes and a signature "Tanks", and then one day, looked at the location and invite you to see how to repair military equipment, having made a visit to the

2. Gates, who needed to get over. 61st Armoured Repair Plant has always served the military machine. Basically repaired T-72 and T-80. Recently, the plant launched the scope of the Ministry of Defence and now it is purely civil organization.

3. After the gate encounters ever put T-80 main battle tank of the Armed Forces of the USSR. Weight of 42.5 tons, main armament — 125mm 2A46 cannon with a rate of 6-8 rounds per minute

4. Overhauls of these tanks by 61 BTRZ began in 1992

5. Wheelbarrow in the background gives the militaristic pacifism monument


7. These tracks we had to trample Europe.

8. Workshops at the factory about 20. The most interesting of them — disassembling the mounting area with pylons reconciliation turrets

9. Then the tanks dismantled into components, change the broken parts with new ones and old ones to markets in friendly countries. Visible to stand leaning against the crossbeam control target.

10. Tear-down area. Very striking clarity in the shop


12. The case of T-80U




16. The case of T-80, the last overhaul

17. Another shop

18. The camera body paint

19. Trays of projectile and charge loading mechanism (MOH) T-80.Oni they fit, and from there served for a shot.

20. Stand for the preparation of the installation of artillery tower. Next to the camera coloring tools.

21. Trunks in white

22. Prepared barrel reface interrupting the serial numbers and paint on spetsstanke. If you wear more than normal, change to a new trunk


24. Backed commander hatches

25. A device for measuring the wear of the bore (in fact, the mic.) And next ring is standard. After the breech gun poking, made measurements and decided the fate of the gun. Before each firing a projectile staff to do properly. In the same tester strains of the barrel.

26. That's why on the circle alignment straps hang inventory number?

27. Post repairs straps

28. The engine of the Soviet mobilization reserves. Tank Engine omnivorous, can run on any type of fuel (petrol, diesel, kerosene). And alcohol too!)))

29. Airborne transmission

30. Box spare parts and pipe OPVT T-72 tank





35. Tower T-80BV

36. The T-72


38. Corps T-80BV

39. Disassembled T-80U

40. Another exploded T-72.

41. T-72 side, with some inflates net for catching butterflies. How then later corrected, "Fishnet" — a catcher tray for testing the operation of the mechanism of release of the pallet

42. The fire tank on the chassis T-54/55

43. T-80BV.Na canvas laid out a full set of spare parts

44. The fire tank is very similar to the cartoon character Wall-E

45. The "blizzard" is designed to produce mechanical foam, the unit is used to extinguish fires of flammable and combustible liquids, solid fuels, as well as to create svetoteplozaschitnyh screens in the areas of accidents, natural disasters, for degassing and decontamination disguise of civil and for military use.

46. Inside the tank fire


49. As for the tracks of tanks used old tracks

50. We have even pozhtanka flashers. I wonder how blue buckets will deal with such a thing?


52. And traditionally, the coordinates of armor repair plant number 61


If I made a mistake in the identity of any tanks, apologized in advance. Many thanks to pressa_zvo for organized opportunity to get to 61 BTRZ. 


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