70 young professionals have been initiated into the employees of the company Sukhoi

70 young professionals — employees of the design office, pilot production, flight test and development base, management services, hired during the period from 1 October 2011 to 30 April 2012, became a full-fledged "suhovtsami."


In "dry" adopted and implemented a youth program, covering all its divisions in Moscow and the regions. Thanks conducted in the past 10 years, the activities of its departments are constantly replenished by young highly qualified engineering staff. Young professionals are actively involved in the implementation of priority civilian and military programs, and in some areas play a leading role. Their share in the number of engineering staff than at present 30 per cent. Work with young people in the "dry" are considered particularly important in solving the problems of innovative development. The company has a system to attract, secure and professional development of young professionals. The scientific and practical conferences, contests, rallies and competitions, developing cooperation with partners, subcontractors, specialists are trained mid-level management &n! bsp; under production activities are organized competitions "The best young manager holding" and "Best in the specialty." Is working with the students of specialized universities. Every year in Moscow and in the factories of the company are held by Olympic Aviation for high school students. Winners receive grants to study with employment in the business units. Students are held in the company and in the factories of industrial practice, allowing them to get acquainted with the best practices of creating new models of aircraft. The company has established and actively works council of young professionals.

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