8 Russian companies included in the top 100 of the world’s arms manufacturers

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute SIPRI compiled a list of the largest arms manufacturers in 2011. In the top 100 companies included eight Russian companies, according to theOnlineorganization.

According to the claimed method SIPRI, under military supplies meant for sale of military goods and services to military customers. The Institute ranks the largest arms manufacturers in 1990.

In the list includes:

  • "United Aircraft Corporation"(18th place)
  • "Almaz-Antey"(22th line)
  • United Aircraft Corporation "Dry" (38th place)
  • "Helicopters of Russia"(40th place)
  • "United Engine Corporation '(61th line)
  • "Joint SPC" UralVagonZavod Dzerzhinsky "(64th)
  • "NPK" Irkut "(68th)
  • "Radio and Information Systems"(69th)

Rating headed by two American and one British company —Lockheed Martin, Boeing and BAE Systems.The first deals with the production of aircraft, electronics, missiles, like Boeing. Lockheed Martin was saved from the sale of weapons more$ 36 billion,Boeing — a little more than31 billion dollars., British BAE Systems —$ 29 billion
Russian companies have earned a total of almost$ 19 billion

MOSCOW, February 18, 2013,RUSSIAN ARMS, Stachys Zaremba

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