85 years old gunsmith Arcadia Georgiyevich Shipunovo!

November 7 Honorary Citizen of Tula and the Tula region Arcadia Georgiyevich Shipunovo turns 85! A mere enumeration of his awards and titles will take an entire page. On the eve of the anniversary we tried to carefully examine his biography to tell you about some of the lesser-known facts of life hero of the day.

427 — scientific papers in AG Shipunova

740 — a number of inventions made heroes of the day


One of the most famous Tula actually was not born here — in the town of Livny, Oryol region. The house where was born Arkady G., now rebuilt, but on the old foundation. And in 2012 it was a memorial plaque in honor of AG Shipunova. About his famous countryman Livny a long time did not know his name was classified. But when the question of the award of Arcadia Georgiyevich honorary citizen of the city Livni, for the first time in the practice of the City Council is all voted "for".

Arcadia raised by his mother, Olga. She comes from a family of farmers, but graduated from a medical institute in Moscow, worked as a pediatrician, then to the city Department of Health, the Eagle. It was in Orel and spent his childhood and adolescence hero of the day.

First Read Shipunov books from the library were living in their home niece of the writer Nikolai Leskov. The same one that wrote the tale of Lefty from Tula, also in a symbolic fact of its kind. But for the future of the designer's favorite childhood author was Jack London.

"I was born during the NEP. 1933 saw the hunger, — Says Arkady G.. — Dibs queue for bread took about five o'clock in the morning. And my grandmother, too occupied. And then she came, I was raised and I was going to replace it. We wrote the number plates, and I was standing. Well, somewhere in the region of an hour or two get bread. But already in 1934, have taken all measures to ensure that the land was plowed, planted and harvest cleaned. And the harvest was enormous! Why do I know? Because I have a mother — a doctor by profession. And doctors, including her during the cleaning company was sent to the countryside to ensure that medical care was provided. And she went with me. So I saw the whole thing with my own eyes. "  


The fact that the war started, he had learned in Nalchik, where together with other orlovskimi children vacationing in the pioneer camp. Returned home. Then, when the Germans entered the city, and her mother had gone on foot into the country.

"Above us with impunity, at a low altitude, low speed continuously Hitler flew planes — He says. — Sometimes they are scribbled with machine guns and dropping bombs. To escape, we had to hide in ditches, sinkholes, bushes. "

We got to Kazakhstan, then moved to Voronezh, one of the sisters' mother. Here again found the war, had to leave. Six months later, when the Voronezh was released, returned. All the free time Voronezh boys were searching for weapons, which were lying unattended on the ground fighting. Arkady G. recalls for military training in school military instructor suggested vystrugat all wooden models of rifles. "A friend of mine Ovchinnikov Tolia it offers: "Maybe we can bring real?" — "Can you?" — "Yes please, all you want!" And we have brought to class 15 pieces mosinskih rifles trehlineek. "


In our city Shipunova cited the case. In 1944, the family returned home in Eagle. And then came across a newspaper set in the specialty "Machine guns" in Tula Mechanical Institute. And the documents had already been handed over to a military school. He tried to pick them up, but in the reply was, "That's it! Wait, when you will call ". Some of the familiar recommended to see gorvoenkomu.

"I come to the military. Gorvoenkom, Colonel, sitting at a desk — the cabinets had so ten meters, not more. Look — a war veteran, wounded, crippled with crutches. The face is blue — that's when the physical pain a person experiences a long time, it falls on his face. He asks: "What are you?" — "Why, this ad. I want to learn. " — "So what?" — "Documents do not give!" He calls the girl-secretary: "Call to give papers!" That's it! That's the whole bureaucracy. He carried me to the door and said, "Learn, my son!" These words — as a parting word for life — I remember. And went to Tula. "

Thanks to the school-leaving certificate with honors Shipunova enrolled in the study design. But I had to hard. Lived from hand to mouth. Recruited from the first year of 242 people by the third year of training there were only 38.

"We have been taught correctly — says Arkady G.. — I received a classical education should be considered, and today it is consistent with the time. "

However, after evaluation of the first semester of it was stated: "The ability of the average." But the thesis "Theoretical and experimental studies of various types of gas-carrying devices" for many years and then kept at the department as a reference. 


Shipunova unanimously recommended for admission to graduate school. But he refused, saying he wanted to go to work. And went to Klimovsk in NII-61. This is where they met and became friends with Basil Gryazev also graduated from Tula Mechanical Institute.

"With Vasily Petrovich have coincided very much: gambling real desire to work and creative research, the lack of any kind was envy each other — says Arkady G.. — Between us was never a fight for the leadership, we complement each other. To explain in a complicated question, we have established the language, it was enough to five minutes to understand each other. He and I have never quarreled about anything. "

Already the first success of their creative duo was revolutionary. Rate established by 23-mm cannon reached 2,300 rounds per minute — twice as high as at the guns that were in service! Next-barrel gun was designed by an unprecedented rate in those days — up to 4000 rounds per minute!

"We did it in just 4 months — says Arkady G.. — We worked around the clock, sleeping for four hours, until a gun was in the test chamber. Over the years, we realized that if you want to be in front, you have to work. "

Arkady G. recalls one of the episodes of their joint activities.

"I see that Basil sniffs, something he did not like it — it happened when we were doing six-barrel cannon. Multiple gun came from the Americans at first, but it was a huge disadvantage, it was not a stand-alone, shoot without power could not. And I began to prove Basil, what can be done gas operated engine. Then Vasily Petrovich came up with a marvelous, elegant solution to this engine — it drove him into a rear trunk that size does not quite add. It's all done in defiance of science, but it works great. This amazing solution! And when Basil came up with this engine, it has become a hot my supporter. Well, things went fast: on this basis, we have created a series of samples that exceed U.S. counterparts. Americans to achieve such a pace, to put the engine 130 horsepower! But the fact is that we can still add one and a half times, and then they still have to triple the power — it's 400 horsepower. That is, we can, and they — not. There wa
s a clear victory. "


Arkady Shipunov — Senior Engineer Dep. Number 21 in Klimovsk


Even in our time Shipunov say about PMA: "We found that the company, which by order of the country has surpassed all!" And at the company employees sometimes humorously called each other "bearing", paying tribute to its creator.

In early 1962 Shipunov a new assignment — head and chief designer of the Tula CDB-14 (from 1966 — Instrument Design Bureau). And successfully led this now 44 years old, creating it from scratch!

The first independent work, begun in the CDB-14-led Shipunova — "Bassoon" absolute "know-how" in military technology. It is "Fagot" anti-tank missiles were obliged by that became the most common and effective means of defeat armored targets on the battlefield, able to act on the previously unprecedented principle of "all that I see — run through." Following the "Bassoon" came "Competition", who had twice the range of action.

One of the companions of Shipunova academician Stanislav Ivanovich Averin believes that Shipunov and dirt created a "periodic system" of small arms and cannon armament — similar to the system of elements.

In the 1970s, the PCU was the beginning of the use of lasers for missile guidance. A coined by CBI flamethrower "Bumblebee" perfectly showed itself in the fighting in Afghanistan. They say that the Afghan leader Najibullah once told our advisers: "As long as you deliver the" Bumblebee ", no one will win!"


Hero of Socialist Labor

April 16, 1979 KBP was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, and its leader was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. With this award from Shipunova connected enough curious case.

"The award was handed to me in Tula, at a meeting of the regional party and economic asset, which came Defense Industry Minister Pavel Finogenov. I prepared adequately in the event, put on a new suit. But before the meeting, I was warned that it is necessary to drill a hole in his jacket. I started thinking about how to do it. It was a pity to spoil the suit, and I decided to carefully map out a hole with an awl. But while we were all sitting at the meeting, the hole disappeared — threads on the costume came together. And when, finally, it was my turn, Pavel decree read out loud and started installing the awards on my jacket. A hole can not find it. And he began to blame me, "Why are you not able to prepare a hole?" And I replied in the same tone: "Yes, he would have known I would have burned!"



In May 1986, the Tula KBP asked to join the work on the evaluation of the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl. In particular, in question, there is a chain reaction or not. This required to check the temperature in the reactor, that is to think of it as a lower thermometer. Known proven technical solutions for this was not in the Soviet Union or abroad.

But Tula solved the problem in the shortest possible time. June 19 via the Ka-27 in the reactor was set created in the 18-meter CBI probe. The next day, the results of the measurements have been reported to the Government Commission. The reactor temperature was well below dangerous value.

Orthodox atheist

Academician Stanislav Averin affected Shipunova knowledge bases of different religions, and how freely he quotes the Bible. Stanislav Ivanovich recalled how one day they were at a reception in the Kremlin, and were close to Metropolitan Kirill. Talking. The conversation was so saturated with various quotations that its completion Cyril asked Arcadia IG believes he? "I — Orthodox atheist" — said Shipunov. Cyril laughed and thanked him for spiritual conversation.


New Times

"In troubled times of the primitive market of the nineties we made the right decision: to live the team due to the fact that he knows how to do well — says Shipunov. — That is at the expense of their brains and technical intelligence. Us from the very beginning it was clear that we will only buy something that will not be able to offer anybody except us. "

One such development was the complex "Armour". When, in May 2000 a contract was signed with the United Arab Emirates, which provided for the delivery to that country several dozens of "shell", the event was quite unprecedented for Russian defense enterprises. Foreign experts believe that the "Armour" has provided leadership in the class for at least 15-20 years, and in the fight against air targets, the occurrence of which only projected to 2020-2025.



His future wife Angelina Vasilevnoj Arkady met in the first few days at the NII-61. She was sent here after graduating from the Moscow Mechanical Institute (MEPI), to do a review of technical information, preparing reports. They were married on November 26, 1950. By the time he moved to Tula they already had two daughters, Tatiana and Anna.

In 1977, the first grandchild was born, Olga. In total, at Arcadia Georgievicha two granddaughters and two grandsons, five great-grandchildren. Olga — economist, she has three children, the youngest — Mary 4 years. Hope — a lawyer, her youngest son is 4 weeks. Arkady grandson, named in honor of his grandfather, was born in 1988, graduated from the Military University, working in the public service. The youngest grandson — Sergey 20 years old and studying at the Polytechnic University in St. Petersburg in "Programming".



"Sometimes people ask me if I feel a happy person? And I say yes. I feel happy man ever since I can remember to this day, because I always felt free and never caved. The man happy is committed to what the soul is, and do not drive every day. 


scientific papers in AG Shipunova


a number of inventions made heroes of the day

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