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At the current time Russian astronautics not a super-heavy launch vehicle class. The last project similar techniques — "Energy" — was closed in 1993. Rocket "Energy" could bring to a low earth orbit payload of up to 105 tons. In the future, it was planned to make even more powerful modification that could carry a payload of 170-180 tons. But the languid financial and political situation in the country at first led to the freezing and later to the closure of the project. Yet, the need for super-heavy carrier is not anymore. This rocket need, first, to ensure gallakticheskih promising projects from the orbiting space station modules to training missions to other planets. For example, according to various estimates, the manned flight around the moon is required to launch a complex mass of more than 60-70 tons. For flights to Mars, respectively, are needed even more languid gallakticheskie devices.

Not so long ago, it became clear that the Federal Space Agency announced a competition to create the newest rocket super-heavy. The basis for it to become project "Angara". Just a few days after the announcement of the tender appeared first application. Rocket and Space Company "Energy" is ready to make the required equipment. According to the company's chief designer V. Lopota, will be most reasonable to create a project together, the efforts of several states. In the program with the designation of "Community" will take part in the face of our native land, "Energy" and several related companies, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Design work on the project "Community" has already begun.

Of course, the creation of a promising type of rocket is coming to an end. In any case, the outcome of the contest for the newest super heavy missiles will be announced on September 6. After that, the Contracting Authority will receive state funding in the amount of 10 million rubles. For these funds by the end of May 2013 following should be created finished project launcher. Perhaps, specifically those pretty tough time and have become a prerequisite for making suggestions to use programmke "Energy". At the same time, such a basis for a new project can be justified by the possibility of a positive financial impact. The fact that the launch pad for rockets project "Energy", located at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, in a relatively normal state. On his full recovery will not come in handy a lot of effort and money. Of course, the repair of existing sites would cost even cheaper than building new ones.

The financial side of the project is one of the most important. Sometimes we hear that the example program "Energy" at the time devastated the Russian Alliance. In justification of the project is to say that in the 80 years of the last century, our economy has happened many other things that hardly can be called useful. But each rocket launch heavy duty indeed break the severe amount. According to V. Lopota, in recent rocket "Community", will likely be used the same engine as in accelerators "Energy" — RD-170. If you do not pull the bad performance they use a cheap kerosene comparable. In addition, at certain stages of the project savings will be achieved through harmonization of some units of a new family of carrier rockets with "Zenith", which also used these engines.

Creating a modern missiles based on "Energy" is a certain enthusiasm. But, the question is how this project correlated with the demand for the development of super-heavy carrier on the basis of "Angara"? At the time, the project, named in honor of the Siberian river, walked around the "energy" in the competition, soon after the last one was closed. There is a version that the management of RSC "Energia" does not believe "Angara" is truly a promising project and is going to make the newest launch vehicle based on its own designs. The purpose of the ordinary course of such — the beginning of the test missiles family "Angara" was delayed a couple of times and no one can guarantee that the first launch, scheduled for 2013, will not be postponed again. In addition, the tests "Angara" will begin with a more conventional light configurations that will also affect the time of the creation of the languid media. A class appliances such need as quickly as possible. It turns out that the ultimate test RSC "Energy" to make another project not devoid of meaning. In favor of this may be read, and the fact that "Community" will be developed only as the heavy and extra-heavy carrier rocket.

Requirements relative to the base in the form of missiles "Angara", as world designers "Energy" can affect the decision of the tender commission Roscosmos, while not necessarily in a positive way. Of course, that by pushing certain requirements for the "origin" of the latest booster, employees gallakticheskogo departments were guided by some real concerns, for example, regarding the unification of missiles. The modular system used in the "Angara" must tangibly affect the economic efficiency of the rocket — for launching various goods do not have to build missiles of various models rather to gather the support of universal blocks the respective configuration. But in the space-rocket company "Energy", seems to be more appropriate is considered a separate booster languid class. It remains to wait for the date of announcement of the results of the competition and to draw appropriate conclusions.

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