A squad of 80 paratroopers arrived in Tuva for fire fighting

A squad of 80 paratroopers arrived in Tuva republic of Mari-El for fighting forest fires, said on Monday the government of Tuva.

FFA previously sent to the region for another 100 paratroopers parachute into forest fire due to the difficult situation.

"On the eve of Tuva came another 80 paratroopers parachute, transferred from Yoshkar-Ola. Newcomers units will be distributed to the most hot spots after verification forest fire situation," — said in a statement.

According to the Department of Forestry at the SFO, the region registered 11 fires in the area of 2.236 thousand hectares, of which three large fire in the area of 1.65 hectares. Settlements no threat

Large forest fire in the area of 500 hectares began in early June in the Barun-Khemchik forest in Bai-Taiga district of the republic. In the liquidation group participated paratroopers Tuvan airbase in the amount of 14 persons, eight paratroopers died. Six survived, one of them was hospitalized in serious condition.

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