A third of rigs in the Gulf of Mexico will test

U.S. authorities have ruled on 24 test rigs in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico due to the possibility of equipment failure, which at the end of last year spilled mud soobschaetThe Wall Street Journal.

How to prevent oil January 29, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement USA (US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement), the blowout valves on the equipment made a division of GE Oil & Gas, may crack due to improper production technology, so these items should be examined and replaced.

According to the Bureau, at present, these valves are used by about a third of the platforms in the Gulf of Mexico in the U.S.. Checking the six units has been completed. According to the publication, the government does not require companies to immediately cease all operations, allowing to make the necessary change in the normal mode. Analysts said Dahlman Rose & Co, replacement parts can increase the regular maintenance work around for the day, and in some cases — for a few days.

In December 2012 on the drilling vessel, owned by Transocean and leased Chevron, because of cracks in a special valve blowout preventer leaked 440 barrels of drilling fluid. The vessel operates the appraisal well on Block 736 in the region Keathley Canyon, at a depth of 6,400 feet (1.95 kilometers) in about 216 miles (about 347 kilometers) off the coast of Louisiana.

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