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Mr. Vladimir, as has been written about those talents that Belarus "presented" to other nations. Here and Domeiko and Dostoevsky, and Joseph Kraszewski with Nicholas Przhavalskim, and Dmitri Shostakovich with Basil Katchalov. The list is endless. Are we just gave? Is not it time already to write a book about those we have, figuratively speaking, dragged to her and made figures of our history and culture?

Mr. Timothy

CAlcamo agree with you, Mr Timothy. This book has long needed, and it will not leaflet and weighty volume. Among other things, it will help to many in moments of doubt and despair, to believe in themselves. After all, if the Belarusian culture attracts and makes their representatives of other nations, so it has a future.

But in such cases, the more weight for theorizing will hear stories about the fates of several, each of which is "pulled" would not have a page in a book of which we are still dreaming, but on the whole book.

Let the first will be extremely interesting for me personality Giuseppe Achilles Elmira Banoldi.

Born in Barcelona in Italian theatrical family, brought up Lyazanskay alma mater, he was in Vilnius and became a singer and a dancing-master, who admired the talent of all of Lithuania and Belarus. And he became interested in the Vilnius atmasferayu, our culture and the past, and was a staunch patriot Litvinsky.

Banoldi could be rich and live comfortably, serving his muses, and have found this to our good memories. However, he chose another new service to the motherland and in 1862 joined together with Konstantin Kalinovskiy and Ludwik Zvyazhdovskim in Lithuanian committee prepared the liberation uprising. Were later arrested, escape from the chamber in the castle dungeons Trotsky, emigration, the barricades of the Paris Commune, where he sang his soldiers shvadronu songs to the words of John Chechot, and — death from wounds …

And now — a completely different era, a different, but in the main, no doubt, a similar path.

Carlos Sherman came to the world in the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo. The young man, in whose veins the blood of a Jewish immigrant zapadnobelorusskogo explosive mixed with Native American, studied and edited a newspaper in Buenos Aires, Argentina struggled with Peron dictatorship, and then decided, along with his father to return to the USSR. Almost all of that Argentine ship that dropped anchor in Odessa, by hook or by crook, broke out of the Soviet "paradise" back. Carlos stayed and gave our culture a whole library of his translations into Belarusian — Lerka, Guillen, Gabriela Mistral … After peravvasoblenay Valentin Taras in Russian Markesavay "Autumn of the Patriarch" Sherman made an outstanding kalyumbiytsa will be heard and our way.

Ten years, Carlos led the Belarusian PEN-center, and was made known at the time in the world to human rights defenders. His memoir, titled "Blukanets", and the last collection of poems he wrote is not in Spanish, as long as in Belarusian.

Now the fate of two women.

Wilensky German, dyplyamavanaya art Julian Menkyo is beloved fiancee and adnadumitsay "father" of our Renaissance Ivan Lutskevich. It translates the First World War, in the negotiations with the leaders of the Belarusian German occupation administration, which allowed open the first Belarusian schools, and what could not be present in the Russian Empire. Takes part in the creation of teaching courses and Vilna Belarusian gymnasium, which then teaches German. Sitting by the bed terminally ill narrowed, and decades later wrote in tribute to him bright and courageous book, "My memories …"

I still remember the warm, with a slight accent the Belarusian language Tamara Tsulukide. Happy young lead actress famous Tbilisi Shota Rustaveli Theatre. Shakespearean roles Afelii th shyleravskay Amalia. Huge baskets of roses after each performance. In the thirty years — the title of Honored Artist of the Georgian SSR. All crossed the arrest and execution of her husband. Soon, the "black sheep" has arrived and the very wife of "enemy of the people." In the early 1950s, after the second arrest, in Krasnoyarsk link Tamara meets a fellow-sufferer Belarusian writer Ales Palchevskiy …

Looking at their photo taken when Tamara and Alexander had just breathed free air, I could not help thinking that had rarely seen such happy and definitely in love. Love just flowed from there, turning an ordinary amateur black-and-white photo into a work of photographic art, worthy of exhibitions and awards.

Tamara Tsulukide, which already was the wife Palchevskiy, after rehabilitation, back in the fifties, was called back to Rustavelevski theater. She played three years on the best Georgian scene starring roles, but made the final choice and moved to Minsk. Studied the Belarusian language so that she had written to her stories and plays for children, many translated from Belarus to Georgia and vice versa. But buried Mrs. Tamara on precepts in Tbilisi.

Speaking of Russian, which have become our own, I just remember born in Baku Natalia Arsenieva, that the maternal line, or, as the ancestors, in tow of the kind that gave Russia Lermontov.

Ms. Natalia told me how the girl was driving from a refugee in Vilnius, stopped for the night with his parents in the village of prydvinskay heard and was fascinated by the mysterious mistress of the word "ear". Maybe without this "soup" would not have been in receipt of Vilna Belarusian gymnasium, and all the rest?

But Bard and journalist Dmitry Bartosik as a child took in captivity magic fragrant Belarusian word "fertilizer". Like Achilles Banoldi, Dmitry was born into a theatrical family of actress and director. Destiny brought them with her son, born in the distant Rybinsk, in our Gomel, where the young Russian boy Dima once vmknuv Belarusian radio. From there and smelled those mysterious "fertilizer" …

"Let's blow themselves in their sails" — said one of the afarystav. We will! But would be redundant on our ship are those who still fascinate Belarus?

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