Abduction shower in China

Chinese people used to believe that life is full of dangers of the human soul, because it can lose or steal. To this day, many people believe that a person has two souls: for that controls bodily functions, and hung, controlled by the brain and heart. Hun can sometimes separate from the body.

This usually occurs when a person is sleeping or is in a trance. If she fails to return to the body, a person can become ill, go mad or die. Wandering soul hun can steal demons or ghosts, and deprive it of vital essence. Steal it may also bad people through witchcraft and sorcery or through cut out of paper human figures called dummies.

In 1768 a wave of kidnappings shower swept through the eastern part of Central China. Beggars and monks accused that they cut off the hair from the braids to transplant souls into mannequins. At the time, there was a belief that the mannequins come to life though, if they sprinkle on human blood. Use of these "zombie" could as robbers. The province Chzhentszyan someone even tried to steal the souls of his two nephews.

He wrote their names on a piece of paper and ask the note to trample a lot of garbage in the repaired bridge. The employee informed on the host, and for attempting to steal the souls of Uncle authorities subjected to punishment he received 25 strokes of the cane.

With beggars and monks eventually dropped charges of stealing souls. But even this could not drown out the fear, deeply rooted in the hearts of men.

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