About 100 hectares of protected forests burned in the Tomsk region YTD

About 100 hectares of protected areas (reserves) of Tomsk region damaged by fire from the beginning of 2012, is on 40 acres compared to last year, with the majority of fires occurred due to fires, told RIA Novosti on Monday a representative of OSU "Oblkompriroda "Eugene Murzakhanov.

"From the beginning, there have been five fires in the area in the sanctuaries, burned at least 100 acres. Was burning not taiga, burning agricultural fields. This" effects "of truckers, who allowed burns to neighboring territories sanctuaries" — said Murzakhanov.

Interviewee noted that the largest fire occurred in Larin's reserve.

"This fire had burned 70% of the territory of the reserve this year. Jaeger and MOE representatives were able to extinguish the fire in time, to the forest, he did not spread, and the most valuable territory was saved. Fields are sanctuaries, there is a high density of game species, in particular grouse, so economic activity there is in the same mode as it is in other areas, the prohibitions apply only to the construction and hunting, "- said Murzakhanov.

According to OSU "Oblkompriroda" fires occurred in the three sanctuaries Tomsk region — Ilovskogo, Kaltayskogo and Larin. In 2011, the reserve of the Tomsk region occurred nine fires, the fire affected about 60 hectares. Only in the Tomsk region 16 regional sanctuaries and one federal, the total area of more than one million hectares, it is 3.3% of the territory.

According to SI "Tomsk Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring," June 18-22, will remain a place of high (4 classes) and extreme (class 5) fire risk in the six districts of the region due to the high temperatures.

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