About 30 forest fires in the Khabarovsk region occurred due to lightning

Forest management Khabarovsk Territory recorded in the region on Tuesday 32 forest fires, 30 of which arose from dry thunderstorms, the press service of the regional government.

"In recent days across the province to install solar weather. Number of fires has increased dramatically. So far out of 32 seats, only two fires, presumably arose due to careless handling of fire of the local population. Remaining fire appeared in remote areas, which indicates on the weather factor (dry lightning), "- said the head of the safety and protection of forest resources Forest Management Government Territory Sergei Butin.

According to the press service for the last day in the province appeared 16 new fires. Given the previously detected lesions total area fires now stands at 1.7 thousand hectares.

Earlier it was reported that the storm on Monday also triggered forest fires in northern Sakhalin. Their total area is 43 hectares.

According to Butin, firefighting forest protection involved 530 people and 105 vehicles. From the air, eliminate fire with five helicopters and three aircraft. Extinguish fires planned for the day.

According GUMCHS Khabarovsk region of the Russian Federation, a special fire mode is entered in nine municipalities: in Komsomolsk between settlements on the territory, Ulchskiy, Vyazma, Sunny, Lazo Verhnebureinskiy, Vanino, Nanai and Khabarovsk regions.

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