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In the past, the U.S. and Europe took a few similar cases: children shot their classmates and teachers. Claim that all of them — indigo. Wednesday did not take them, and they retaliated.

Our world is changing before our eyes: a few degrees shifted magnetic grid of the earth, which slows down the Gulf Stream, a rapidly melting ice of Antarctica. Information saturation in the noosphere so huge that it affects a person in the womb, and therefore, being born into the world, it is not only physical but also intellectual reflexes. Sometimes a child has completely appropriate to the age of information.

The term "Indigo Children" is used in a 1982 American clairvoyant and psychologist Nancy Ann Tappe was not afraid to speak out, that many problem children, with whom she talked of duty, the aura completely uncharacteristic for people of color — dark purple. Basically, in the aura of adult prevail green and red colors, and in children it usually has a yellow-golden hue. Its discovery led to the hypothesis that the appearance of unusual children and partly due to numerous complaints of anti-social behavior of parents to offspring.

In Russia, the indigo boom began much later, after appearing in the mid-1990s. books by American psychologists Lee Carroll and Jan Tober "Indigo Children." At this time we have one after the other kids show up, as if descended from the pages of the book. Many were diagnosed with the disease, which doctors call attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The aura of the majority of them shimmered blue-violet range. Parents and psychologists have noticed that the "other" were highly spiritual and a great amount of knowledge about the world, which has taken no where.

One of the leading experts in Russia to study the "violet" — Vladimir Pugach, PhD, author of several publications on medicine, education, psychology. He has many years of experience with children diagnosed with ADHD. "By and large indigo phenomenon has nothing to do with medical psychology.

The fact that these children from birth is not expressed manual asymmetry. If you use a metaphor image biocomputer, we can say that the left-handed and right-handed installed multiple operating systems, such as Windows or Linux, and at Indigo — once both. In short, the principle of the brain at the same time they are "right-handed" and "left-handed". Thus, we can explain the specific problems arising in the period of intensive development of the brain — from 5 to 14 years. Because of the immaturity of interhemispheric relations switching "operating systems" is spontaneous, which leads to complications, especially in communication. "

Recently, a second book Carroll and Tober — "People Indigo", which reflects the flip side of the coin. It tells about the fate of those who were followed for a period of 25 years. Growing up, indigo emerged as hardened selfish, does not care about society. Already men and women, they were led by the judgment and cruelty, marked by complete lack of good feelings to others. Most of them were killed, disappeared or were in prison. The book describes a wild case where precocious brother and sister, entered into incest and seen by the mother during lovemaking, brutally killed her. Now they shake their time in prison and still did not regret what had happened.

Indigo no doubt in his own importance, they are smart for his age, has incredible intuition (it is useless (lie), and the rules, discipline and authority prefer creativity and freedom. Esoterica believe in indigo special mission in the world. Skeptics explain the strangeness of such a child bad environment and severe pregnancy-mother. But they both agree that the education of indigo is comparable with the victory over fascism.

Among those who are now over 50 years, and indigo were rare: one of 600 thousand people. Among those over 30, — one per 10 thousand of today's high school graduates — by some accounts for 12%.


In the early 1990's. baby born in the United States, both of whose parents have AIDS. Analyses showed that the child has inherited from them a terrible disease, but in six years, during a routine examination, his blood found no immunodeficiency virus. An analysis of the DNA of the child, and found that the code is not specific to the common man. Normal DNA contains 64 codons of which are constantly 'on' only 20, and the remaining inert. The boy was in the active state 24, which probably helped him cope with the disease. Should I add that his aura — purple?

If the correct approach to the issue of education of the child, from it can really grow extraordinary personality — a wonderful doctor or a teacher, shrewd lawyer, has incredible commercial insight businessman, a prominent actor or architect whose creations will impress unusual, but organic shapes.

In Russia today, there are a number of scientific institutes, where you can certainly find out whether the child belongs to this caste. One of them — the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology. Electroencephalogram indigo shows symmetrical maps of both cerebral hemispheres. This means that these children emotion and logic work synchronously, and this is what creates the ideal conditions for creativity.

Unfortunately, in our country there are almost no special schools and kindergartens for the miracle children. In Moscow, the first meeting was held on indigo only in autumn 2006, while experts have come to the conclusion that they "need to do something." Today, only those children in Moscow about 60 thousand, but the centers for training can be counted on the fingers, although psychologists and teachers of Moscow and St. Petersburg has developed special programs to work with indigo and their parents to learn to create a harmonious atmosphere in the family. In some circles, there is a perception that private institutions are organized intelligence to calculate indigo and make them super agent. Certainly say so or not, nobody can.

In the U.S. and Canada, there are special centers that identify children indigo. In Israel, the issue of professionals oversee the government. In France, young people with an IQ above 130 would have a chance to study for free at the prestigious university.

About 40 years ago, the military departments of the USSR and the U.S. in parallel, though independent of each other, began to explore the possibility of telepathic communication of individuals with the cosmos. The enthusiasm was so great that the idea of the units sverhsoldat of psychics whose astral body at any time can be anywhere.

People with extraordinary abilities and previously used in the armies of different countries — to locate the source of water, the definition of minefields, etc. And in the 1930s. worked as part of the German SS office "Anenner-be" tried "to bring a new breed of" supermen. For information about research leaked to the press, after which the scandal and the program supposedly turned. Meanwhile, in the USSR functioned little-known organization — Separate housing strategic reserve (0KPC), there were about a thousand people, many of whom were considered "belobiletnikami," that is, they were exempt from military service.

Superdetey psychology is not fully understood, but noted that they, despite the enormous level of IQ (above 130 units), very messy school program, preferring to go their own development path. They are confident in their exclusivity, and conventional rules and norms of their usual indifference. From a young age indigo talk about the fate of the world, showing the unique abilities and leadership. In order to try to understand them, it is worth recalling the ancient idea of the trinity of human nature and the world, that everything has three entities: spirit, soul and body. It was therefore not due to the indigo genetic changes, and their distinctive spiritual and mental qualities.

Indigo can see something that is not perceived by the majority of ordinary people. Many of these children have the ability to predicting the future, or, conversely, "travel" to the past.

With a four-Maxim, I met two years ago on the beach in Bulgaria. Kid came up to me at the water's edge, pointed out to sea and gravely declared, "He has something to tell me, and you also need to know this, to persuade my mother to swim there." The words baby made me laugh, but I like hypnosis, went to his mother, met and offered a ride on a boat. Soon we were floating in the sea, the captain was with us. Suddenly appeared right at the side of a dolphin. Dancing on the tail, he explicitly invited our baby to communicate. Max stroked a "friend" and said: "He said the military parapsychologists NASA through human contact with his friends go to Jupiter and its satellites, which also has a dolphin. Field test of people cut off from the ground, so they can not get used to the Earth's natural for the emotional and physiological terms. They are failures in the psyche and physiology, they are destroying the planet. " The event is so etched in my memory that I remember everything as if it happened yesterday.

I was asked to comment on the story of Leonid Soshnina parapsychologist. "If the child is indigo, not surprising — he said. — Yes, indeed, NASA, and we, too, there is a program that enables the human contact with the dolphins at psihosfernyh resonators receive information from space. People involved in the experiments are likely to indigo, but, in my opinion, these studies with the dolphins will not give anything useful. For the "contactees", on the contrary, carry a high biorhythm another planet, destroying the balance of our Earth. "

Unicum AMONG U.S.

Pythagoras and Aristotle, Nostradamus and Avicenna, da Vinci and Copernicus, Lomonosov and Einstein — it is quite possible that all these famous people of the past were indigo, like Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Hitler and Lenin, who changed the fate of millions, create an empire and a revolution.

They say that geniuses are born once in a hundred years. But the XX century. was particularly fruitful, at least,
in Russia. Natasha Beketov from Anapa to 16 years, after fainting, spoke to 120 languages, including Old Persian, Arabic, Latin.

Natasha Demkina from Saransk, at age 10, after the removal of the appendix, no special devices began to see internal organs.
Bruce Khlebnikov in six years, began to tear easily reference volume of 300 pages and often found himself in the Guinness Book.
Sergei Krasnov from St. Petersburg to three years can not read the book, with his hand on the cover. Another from St. Petersburg, Sergei winch has a unique gift to speak, read and even sing, uttering words backwards.

Boris Kipriyanovich from the Volgograd region in the three years up described, looks like Mars, and enlighten their stunned parents in the Universe. All these indigo able to cope with a heavy load.

But Nick Turbo — no. She began writing "wise" in verse four. At nine years old girl has become famous all over the Soviet Union, the extraordinary child predicted a brilliant future, but in 2002, 27-year-old Nick jumped out of the window.

Echoed by a colleague and psychopathology Oleg Terrible: "If indigo children are in sight of the special services, are removed and examined, as guinea pigs. Children are taught the best minds, develop their abilities. But not every adult can survive for a long chat with them. Here is an example of a real case: in one of the public schools were invited indigo known healer, but, having worked for half a year, she lost half capacity and vitality. " Ability indigo — not only a gift, but also a heavy burden. Many do not survive to adulthood, as the percentage of suicides they are 2-3 times higher than that of normal children. Among the suicides, are under the age of ten, indigo, up 90%.

Other scholars, however, are not inclined to dramatize. "I find it easier than anyone else, talk about indigo children, because his wife and her family — specialists in remedial teaching. In their extensive practice and experience of institutions such as the St. Petersburg Institute of early intervention, children, to a description of indigo, not across. At least once to see this! — Says Michael Gerstein, chairman of the UFO commission of the Russian Geographical Society. — Often, parents bring their children, taking them sincerely for indigo, but professionals see only mental problems or educational neglect. The ability of each test to the problem of the child spent many years techniques. In the end, it turns out that they are at best age appropriate, at worst — far below the norm. Parents, of course, hurt by doctors, because it is considered a sick child of an unrecognized genius is much more pleasant than to accept the diagnosis and need for treatment or correction. Perhaps somewhere there is a genuine indigo, combining talent and extraordinary abilities with behavior problems, but so far they have not caught the eye of professionals talk about the phenomenon of premature. "

However, not all ufologists share it. Some of them believe that the indigo — the result of experiments with aliens by our genes. "Little green men" are trying to "bring a new breed of" Earthlings, vastly superior to us spiritually and intellectually. But that's why it's aliens — ufologists can not answer, but as the hard evidence of his theory argue that the majority of indigo were born to parents with abduction syndrome (sure, that they stole the aliens).

INekotorye of indigo children to talk about their past lives (on other planets).
According to the UN European leaders in the number of children indigo are Finland and Estonia. In Russia — Karelia, Kursk region, the Caucasus, the Altai region of Lake Baikal and the Sikhote-Alin. If we strengthen the best qualities of Generation Indigo, and a lack of "reset," we are waiting for a breakthrough in everything: in the standard of living, science, self-knowledge, at last.

However, Father Valentine of the Assumption Cathedral in the Moscow holds the opposite opinion: "The holy men aura was golden, orange and indigo children — dark blue, like the night sky. It is known that the darker aura — the more negative charge it carries. These young men are suffering from fits of hysteria, egocentrism, leaving in their own fantasies, rejection behaviors. They usually pass out during the service, and read prayers. I am sure that these people are not born in the name of evolutionary leap and salvation of mankind, and it supports the hypothesis of degeneration. "

Expert Commentary
Olga Krasavino, Ph.D.

Of "violet" children can grow and brilliant artists and mad scientists who, without the slightest hesitation step over the line. Indigo nothing to fear and to achieve at nothing stop, for them there is no prohibition, no authority. They are made from a special test.

While Russia does not have a certain concept of education and training, indigo, you need to install them under control by certain bodies, for possessing superhuman abilities, they are unlikely to use them for the benefit of society. It is no accident the problem of extraordinary ability in his time was under the jurisdiction of the NKVD and KGB. In the days of the USSR in Moscow there was scientific center for the study of such people, where young people from 10-16 years of psychics trying to do, and then killing machines.

They have a weak mind, they are vulnerable, impressionable, sentimental, though outwardly often seem to be "armor piercing." Thus, the "break" them easier than any normal person. Growing up, indigo can commit murder, the cause of which will be "the fight for justice." In the past, the U.S. and Europe took a few similar cases: children shot their classmates and teachers. Claim that all of them — indigo. Wednesday did not take them, and they retaliated.

Indigo sure what to send to earth with a special mission, and if they are hurt, they will stop at nothing.

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