The company Acronis — a leading manufacturer of easy-to-use solutions for backup, disaster recovery and security of systems and data in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Philosophy Acronis — to create products that are available for users of any skill that distinguishes the company from competitors

Acronis solutions help small, medium and large organizations to simplify and automate backup and disaster recovery of personal computers, workstations and servers, including those in geographically distributed environments. Acronis software solutions for disaster recovery, deployment and migration systems provide reliable protection for computers and data, security of production and minimize downtime.

The most popular products

  • Acronis Backup &Recovery® 11 Server for Windows
    Backup isolated Windows-based servers.
  • Acronis® vmProtect 7
    An optimized solution for backup of VMware virtual machines without agents. Unlimited P2V-migration.
  • Acronis Backup &Recovery® 11 Advanced Workstation
    Centralized and remote management of backup workstations.
  • Acronis Backup &Recovery® 11 Workstation
    Backup isolated workstations.

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