Activist of Rechitzy fought off a fine

Rechitskiy activist, Chernobyl liquidator Basil was buzzing today at a meeting of the administrative committee executive committee finally fought off the fine.

Million fine imposed by the administrative commission of an activist in February. Before that, the activist puffed house in the country village Zhmuravka that Rechitsa. Vasily buzzing afternoon heat the cottage, and after midnight local cultural worker returning from a disco and saw smoke. They came firemen extinguished. And came to the conclusion that the owner improperly restrained stove heating.

Disparagement"In the country abvuglilisya wall and beam. Stove we made six months earlier. It could not be any large gaps that zafatagrafavav fire inspector. They could be caused by the fact that a hot stove watered. Nevertheless, Administrative Commission fined me for 1,050,000 rubles. "

Vasily buzzing disputed penalty Commission, including and in the Gomel regional executive committee, but to no avail. And then he went to court. Last carefully treated the stove pictures — cracks in it were not filled with smoke. The court quashed the fine and sent the administrative record for a new trial.

And that is today the administrative commission of Rechitsky executive committee decided to dismiss the case against the activist since expired, during which the person may be punished.

Disparagement"If it was not an activist, the case is, in my opinion, do not be wound up. No one was hurt, even my summer house remained unscathed, only slightly puffed. A pensioner fined the amount of his pension may dvyuh unless officials with their millions of salaries and bonuses. "



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