Aerospace defense of the Russian Federation until 2020 likely to remain only on paper

Aerospace defense of Russia until 2020 likely to remain only on paperOur politicians and generals have repeatedly said that the army was about to receive the first samples of the new system S-500 missile defense system-critical tasks of air defense. At first, we talk about 2012-2013, and then about 2015. And not so long ago, it became clear at the top officially decided to extend the development of the C-500 for another two years. In other words, the troops will see it in 2017, if not later. Having explained the situation journalists appealed to the developers of this instrument.

Missile, aerospace, air defense … All of these definitions, we now often heard in connection with the U.S. global missile defense system, the deployment of which has provided persistent migraine Russian diplomats and politicians. Powerful arguments in a dialogue with the U.S. on missile defense could be our own harsh abilities in this area. It is possible that at that time in response to the invitation to join Europe missile defense capabilities we hardly would say, thank you, we somehow do.

Well, that connect voedinyzhdy? For example, both our politicians and generals have repeatedly said that the army was about to receive the first samples of the new system S-500 missile defense system-critical tasks of air defense. At first, we talk about 2012-2013, and then about 2015. And not so long ago, as it became clear the "MK", at the top it was officially decided to extend the development of the C-500 for another two years. In other words, the troops will see it in 2017, if not later. Having explained the situation journalist "MK" asked the developers of this instrument.

As with all previous C-300 and C-400, brand new system S-500 — the brainchild of CB "Diamond". Now it comes to the JSC "Concern PVO" Almaz-Antey "and called of" Head System Design Bureau "Almaz-Antey".

Carefully about the ability of future C-500 is not here to argue adore, referring to the closing theme. But experts at the army they say about it and more willing to say that the C-500 will be really unique instrument that has no analogues in the world. System S-500 air defense solves puzzles as well as missile defense, acting already in space, at altitudes above 200 km. Its radar is able to create targets at ranges of up to 800 km, and the brand new interceptor missile will hit targets, hovering at a speed of about 7 km / s. In addition, the C-500 will be more compact and maneuverable than the C-400, which will allow the rapidly deploy it in any theater of operations regardless of emerging threats.

Specifically, the complexity of new solutions S-500, according to the military, "makes it almost inevitable some delays in its creation." Perhaps so. But time — in 2015 — were announced, approved, but for some reason are not satisfied. Why? Who povinet? Who is punished?

The Defense Ministry said that "for the failure of defense procurement jobs in 2010" (by which is meant a delay in the supply of the troops of the C-400 and C-prepyadstviya 500) removed from the post of general director of "Almaz" Igor Ashurbeyli. But he claims the Defense Ministry does not accept his resignation and interprets a little differently.

When we meet, he showed me the protocol of meeting of the Board of Directors of "GSKB" Almaz-Antey ", which year back were terminated its capabilities. There, instead of anything resembling a dressing down "for failure to state defense order," Ashurbeyli is thanked for a decent job. Moreover, both the Ministry of Defense representative on the Board of Directors, his resignation did not support (one vote against and one abstention). It turns out that the military department not only has not initiated his departure, and was not in accordance with it?

"For two years I have inspected 18 commissions, looking though a method to clean, but did not find anything", — says Igor Ashurbeyli. And although he does directly and says, but you can understand that his resignation last CEO "Diamond" explains the war for the cash-defense procurement and export. In this case, now on Aerospace Defense (ASD).

SAI has recently become one of the new birth of the armed forces, having incorporated a missile defense and air defense, and military space, and therefore to the companies which produce weapon EKR, loomed a really sky-high perspective. By the way, from them, regardless of their own withdrawal from the post of general director of "Almaz", Igor Ashurbeyli also not going to turn away. For a place in the sun, he is ready to compete in a new capacity — the head of non-departmental public advisory council on aerospace defense made all the same, "Diamond".

In general, throughout the war pecuniary interests and ambitions now have to deal newcomer Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who not so long ago, management of the country was thrown into a whirlpool of problems of military-industrial complex. And here, we must admit, he does not envy — a war for 20 trillion rubles state armaments program 2020 in the defense industry at the moment is not in the life-and-death. And economical piece of ASD in it one of the most delicious.

He sharpened the struggle for nedavneshnee statement of Dmitry Rogozin on a profile meeting in the "Almaz-Antey", where the Deputy Prime Minister said: "We will need to create within the Military-Industrial Commission under the Russian government of a system integrator, which could join the design, engineering concept with the needs of aerospace defense forces. "

I think the contenders for the role of "integrator" EKO authorized to decide where to begin to flow "design ideas" together with the economical flows, there are many — there for that fight. Echoes of this struggle, we recently probably hear. It would be desirable, however, that this fight was not behind the main subject of battles — the gun itself, billion for the creation of which was taken away from the elderly, teachers, doctors and other state employees.

And it seems to be already happening. According to another as to clarify that in Europe unfolds South American missile defense, and the creation of a similar tool we have postponed for years? But the holdings of the company and the rest of the add-on body defense to nedavneshnego time we grew up like mushrooms after a rain. With them, of course, grow revenues and their officials. Not only grown for some reason the number of new weapons systems.


On what assumptions led Supreme extend the development of the new system S-500 for another two years, I asked today to tell the CEO of "GSKB" Almaz-Antey "Vitaly Neskorodova. This is the company he heads all year, so it does not seem to be entirely correct only his bill for this delay, and yet … Much less that the CEO shy away from my pesky questions did not follow and said:

— Let's try to understand. Indeed, in 2009-2010, sounded statements that system the last generation, which is in use for some reason called the C-500 (its official title has not yet been approved. — Ed.), entered service in 2013. But the difficulty with which our enterprise faced in the period of the beginning of its development, was forced to move for two years, designating new term — 2015 year. If you specify these prepyadstviya, we must recognize that they are not technical or technological, but purely organizational n
ature. Namely, after the death in 2007 of Alexander Alexeyevich Lemansky — the creator of the C-400 — at the company in one and a half years, there was general designer.

— But your predecessor Igor Ashurbeyli argues that under him — but "it went" in February of last year — a step the technical design of the C-500 has been completed. Means now it was time to have something tangible in iron? But once the period of design development extended by as much as two years out, the final version of the complex is not yet even on paper? And who is who leads by the nose?

— Step technical design, which determines the type of system is finished — it is true. But keep in mind that in the beginning all the work on the newest system on the whole we were released six years. In order to meet at such times, bringing development to the end of state testing, it was necessary Tekhproekt, which at the moment it comes to finish a half or two years maximum. Instead, he produced three years. Naturally, at this point we are faced with a lack of time — and there was a question postponement. So it is not considered probable proud that over half of the time allotted to us to create a whole new system, the company graduated only a step engineering design. This is, unfortunately, only a small part of the tremendous range of works that must be completed before the adoption of the system into service. Because at the moment we have to catch up, catch up. But, despite this, the first samples of the individual for the system, as you said, in the "hardware" will appear at the end of this year.

— Are not you afraid that while you catch up, the sky is the Russian Federation remains completely without cover? S-300 — the main base complex air defense of the country — has long has worn out and will soon leave for old age. C-400, which was due to come to replace him, the troops received single-piece. About the C-500 shall hold back … And yet again, the same at the request of your predecessor, creating With-300 for our army stopped.

— Here, I would have said that the media in this regard is going on some kind of mess. Or someone said something wrong, or someone is not heard. Yes, the S-300P to the troops did not have long supplied. But with all this is programm for serious repair and modernization of past generations of S-300 to a level "Favorite". This system — the tip of the C-300. Technical solutions for use in the "Favorite", have the latest level. And believe me: the timing of supply systems of the latest generation, the procedure for the modernization of old times among themselves logically linked. So do not be afraid that our sky is left without cover.

— But the Defense Ministry still offered for you to claim to disrupt the delivery of S-400?

— Our enterprise impartial reasons not related to the activities of GSKB was the problem with deadlines of individual means of the S-400 contract in 2008. But for 2011, we closed our overdue obligations to the Ministry of Defense and is currently in a regular schedule for deliveries. At the end of last year we passed a set of regimental anti-aircraft missile system S-400 "Triumph" command of the Baltic Fleet. And it is absolutely not an ordinary event. In 1-x, put the third in a row regimental set of "chetyrehsotke" (the first two were put on combat duty in the Moscow region — under the electric steel and Dmitrov. — Ed.). In-2, before the transfer of the troops of the C-400 came podivizionno. At this point, we immediately put the regimental set that from now on will be the rule. And third, Kaliningrad was the second after the Metropolitan area region, where there is the most advanced instrument of.

— Well, I congratulate you and sailors with the event, but still let's C-500. Different sources of the concept of "system S-500" is interpreted in different ways. Moreover, even the experts are confused missile-defense in the testimony: that it's still the same kind of system, how it differs from the C-400? I would like to hear world-specialist.

— For obvious reasons I can not tell you for all the details. Yet the answer is: it is absolutely brand new, does not overlap with the S-400 system, as used in its development are good from those used in the C-400 technical solutions. They allow you to bring puzzles to be solved by means of the system, on the other high-quality and quantitative level. And while we're on the topic of "what it is like," that will open another secret. In a modern system, you will not find the same physiognomic similarity which is at the C-300 and C-400. Moreover, the results of our work is not a typical air defense missile systems to its normal view. It's more than that. We have always tried not to give in on the features of the best world standards, I hope that this will be achieved in this project.

— I would like to believe … Well, if the new managing defense Dmitry Rogozin will leave for you to escape routes. By the way, not so long ago, he came up with an exciting initiative: proposed to establish the real masters of defense companies and promised that the company executives will report about their own real incomes. As for you that offer? Are not you afraid that it will affect "Diamond"? And in fact, while I was rising to the office for you, beheld a lot of companies and small companies, which feed on the areas of your defense company.

— I really like this initiative, Dmitry Rogozin! However, the mechanism for its implementation within the existing legal framework is not yet completely clear. But at this point may be completely appropriate to give the holders of public appreciation and defense industry executives (including former) in terms of their incomes, their accessories, history of its occurrence, in the end, the effectiveness of each specific control. Make it easy. After arriving at least some military enterprises rather talk with five to ten mid-level employees to find out all the "trade secrets" of top management.

— Business interests in the defense industry is now facing a lot. Creation of ASD and its prospects inherent in the defense budget, in some representatives of business structures also probably cause a "creative itch", because, in their view, open up broad prospects for "saw cut" the budget funds. How to make so that the funds were in the hands of real professionals and developers of modern weapons, and not scams?

— I think you're right. In situations where the looming ahead economical billion defense industry, it is entirely possible the emergence of different structures that will at all levels to give unsubstantiated promises to do something new, outstanding, with a very small period of time. But I still hope that common sense will prevail. In particular, those managers who are relevant to the development prospects of EKR, and preference will be given to those who are not empty promises, and his many years of work to create standards to substantiate the ability of arms that make up the base defense capacity of our country.

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