African swine fever has covered four districts of Tver Region

African swine fever has covered four districts of Tver Region

According, Tver region continues fever due to African swine fever. The region has already identified four focus of this infection.

Recall that all started in prison — in Torzhok colony. Result: in Torzhok and the district began to massively destroy pigs, introduced quarantine citizens forbidden to sell pork.

Citizens who really did not understand (Swine Fever is not dangerous to humans), switched to beef, chicken and lamb.

After that, it began: sick pigs found in the Kalinin and Bologovsky areas. And on Thursday, June 16, attacked the pigs from infection Vyshnevolotsk district.

The administration of the zone identified threats within 150 kilometers from the sources of infection and banned the sale of pork market.

— In our market selling pork is forbidden since the 9th, — assured the correspondent "KP" chief of the laboratory of the Central Market Tver Hope Toropova.

— Now what do sellers pork?

— What to do, what to do … but they are all going to Turkey!

Central Market greeted us casually and deserted. By the huge halls sadly wandered tverichan units, sales of meat frankly bored.

— Pork is? — I asked hopefully.

— And what do you, son? — Asked the portly saleswoman.

— On skewers, auntie.

— No pork, forbade us to sell it, quarantine, as though he did not know. Take govyadinki, fresh.

And so in all markets goroda.Znachit, ruling the ex-Governor Dmitry Zelenin to impose a total ban on the retail sale of pork and pig products in quarantine zones operate.

And will operate more than a month. So that fans of barbecue pork and thereof have to switch to lamb and chicken legs.

By the way

As the "KP" deputy governor of the Tver region, Sergei Zhukov, trade pork actually banned in Tver markets.

As for supermarkets and other stores, there can sell pork, but only if it is produced at the company, where he spent all the necessary expertise.

Pork should be vacuum packed.


If you see that on the streets or in a café selling skewers of pork or her — according to CPS. Helpline: (4822) 32-35-98

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