African swine fever has returned to the Kuban

Rosselkhoznadzor today reported a new outbreak of African swine fever in the Krasnodar region.
"In Kropotkin edge veterinary laboratory in the study of pathological material samples from pigs that died in one of the private farms in the village Abinsk Leninsky district of Krasnodar region, highlighted the genetic material of the virus of African swine fever," — said in a statement.
Source of infection is on the border with the Crimean region of Krasnodar region. The number of pigs on the farm of 147 animals. Since the emergence of the disease in the household head ache 34, 4 of them died. "At the site of infection by state veterinary service edge and specialists Rosselkhoznadzor for the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea is implementing a set of measures aimed at the localization of the source of infection and to prevent further spread of the disease," — says Rosselkhoznadzor.
Earlier today it was reported that African swine fever reached Krylovsky Kuban region. The mass death of animals locked in one of the farms. In the settlement of a regime of emergency.
In early July, African swine fever has spread to 20 regions of Russia. The outbreak in the Tver region threaten the conduct of the rock festival "Invasion." However, Russia's biggest rock festival in the open air all the same place, but in the food menu offers were made serious changes agreed with the management of the area.
African swine fever — African fever, East African plague, disease Montgomery — vysokokontagioznaya viral disease of pigs, characterized by fever, cyanosis of the skin and extensive hemorrhages in the internal organs. Under natural conditions in African swine fever susceptible domestic and wild pigs of all ages. Source of pathogen — sick animals and virus carriers. For human African swine fever no danger.

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