Air condition in Georgia after the release of chlorine stabilized

Air condition in the settlement Saknavti the outskirts of Tbilisi, where on Wednesday night there was a leak of chlorine, according to the environment, fair and not a danger to the public, the agency Novosti Georgia with reference to the head of the city emergency services Temur Giorgadze.

The incident occurred on the night of July 4, resulting from seal 800-liter tank with chlorine in one of the private enterprises. All night at the scene working firemen, rescuers and crew of "first aid". As a result of poisoning by chlorine injured 73 people. Among the affected residents and passers-by bystanders at the time of emergency. At the moment, hospitals are about 40 people. Upon PE criminal case under Article 240 of the Criminal Code of Georgia — "violation of safety rules during the technical work leading to the deterioration of the health of people." Criminal responsibility under this article provides for two to five years in prison.

"Specialists check the status of the air at the scene and, according to their data, the danger to the public no longer exists. Chlorine tank emptied," — said Giorgadze.

Upon release of chlorine prosecuted.

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Protection of Georgia Goga Khachidze also confirmed that the presence of a settlement Saknavti is now completely safe. "In some places, where there was a leak of chlorine, even the smell, but it is not harmful to health. Available continuously sampled air and water," — said Khachidze.

According to the Minister of Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia Zurab Chiaberashvili, until the end of Wednesday will be discharged from hospital, almost all suffered as a result of poisoning by chlorine.

All night in the hospital were brought 73 people to the hospital Wednesday morning there were 40 victims of poisoning by chlorine. Doctors say that the health of 39 people, including a pregnant woman, suggests that by the end of the day they are issued. Complex remains the patient's asthma 18 years Lasha Narimanidze, poisoned by chlorine.

"We will monitor every discharged patients and the management of complications will fund outpatient treatment," — said Chiaberashvili.

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