Ales Shaternik: My dream is to create a monument to the history of our independence

October 16 his seventies birthday celebrates sculptor, painter and member of the art association "Pursuit" Ales Shaternik. Author monuments Rogneda, Vseslav Witch, Tadeusz Kosciuszko so many other prominent Belarusian people wants to see in the capital of the main work of his life — a sculptural composition that displays the path to the nation's independence.

Ales Shaternik — A multi-faceted personality with talent, the chairman of artistic association "Pursuit" Ales Marochkin.

Ales Marochkin

"My friend Ales Shaternik — universal man. He is subject not only sculpture, but painting. These works are quite interesting and have success in the viewer, because it's such neaimpresiyanizm. Oh, and second, he began to write poetry, and poetry such the original. "

Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Union of Artists Sergei Timokhov adds:

"Ales Shaternik — is primarily very interesting person, very high-level painter and sculptor, who can always respond to any proposal which concerns our heritage, our history. The best experience of the person and the most sincere congratulations. "

Art critic Tatiana Garanskaya emphasizes the profound originality of the National Ales Shaternik.

throughout his life and never does not change of the Belarusian …

"He's one of the few Belarusian artists who throughout his life had not changed and Belarusian. He did not just create images of Belarusian outstanding personalities, historical and contemporary cultural figures, and he always was on each of his way when he created it. So it works always touch the heart, touch the soul. He first created a monumental sculptural image Rogneda, which was supposed to set Zaslaul in the days of the millennium. "

Monument Rogneda as plaques for buildings, where the Belarusian People's Republic was proclaimed and where she worked as the first scientific institution in the country — Inbelkult as the Liberty Bell and many other works Ales Shaternik made in the first half of the '90s, bored in the artist's studio. The current government does not grant permission to install them there, where they were intended. But Mr. Shaternik wants to see them in the cultural lyandshaftse the country, as well as a work in which is going to reflect the historical way for independence.

"Belarus lacks the monument about our independence."



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