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September 3, 2012 14:55

Of alien implants talked a long time. It is believed that this is a tiny, apparently, control devices, which are introduced into the body, most commonly through the nasal cavity or through other inconspicuous holes on the body of the victim. It happens that suddenly X-ray reveals a man, he said, who visited in the hands of aliens, foreign body — implant. Sometimes doctors and managed to remove implants


One such story began in 1995, when hypnologist Darrel Sims surgeons showed an X-ray of human legs, once taken aboard a UFO. At first glance, it seemed that the leg was a surgical operation, and in the pictures visible foreign matter — a sort of conventional steel brackets. But it turned out that this woman has never operated leg. It was decided to surgically remove the mysterious objects from the bodies of victims.

The second candidate for surgery was a man, and implant it was introduced in the hand … Here is what the surgeon Bert Clemens. "I decided I would spend the two operations in the same day. August 19, 1995 in the hospital the patient is ready to receive a team of about ten people — I'm a surgeon, anesthesiologist, psychologist, nurse, representatives of local UFO center, cameraman, two stenographers.

Before surgery, each patient was taken some blood. The fact that the literature contains many stories about what lessons the light of God implants in the air disappear, evaporate or crumble to dust. I decided that the best place to store them — fluid from the body of the victim of abduction. Drawing blood, in my opinion, is an ideal environment to store mysterious implants. Finally, the first patient, Patricia, lay on the operating table. I spent a long incision in the search for an unknown foreign body. Suddenly, the patient's leg twitched, despite the fact that she was under anesthesia double! We continued the autopsy in the place that caused the reaction, and no mistake: a scalpel drew little gray thing. He was neatly captured and removed, and at this point the patient again jerked from obvious pain. In my experience, this happened only when the tumor is removed directly from the growing nerve. Object was triangular in shape, approximately 0.5 to 0.5 cm and covered with a very dense membrane. Implants, apparently magnetized — stick to the blade scalpel. Then we started the second implant Patricia. His recovery was not as painful. Implant N 2 was round, the size of a melon seed and covered with the same membrane.

During the operation, carried out the second patient when removing the implant observed the same painful reaction, and he was exactly the same as the implant N 2 from the body of Patricia. But they lived in different parts of Texas and first met just before flying to me. " In Houston chemist Glenn Manuel first subjected to ultraviolet light, these objects: all three underneath fluoresce bright green. The same color can be seen under ultraviolet light and in some parts of the skin of the abducted. He managed to remove the membrane of the objects. Bared black, shiny metal surface. The study of the membrane showed that it consists of protein and keratin — a specific solid, part of the hair and nails.

Tissue samples adjacent to the extracted implants were subjected to scrutiny. And he did not show any signs of inflammation and infiltration, that is all that is usually accompanied by the body's reaction to a foreign body.


"They put me in the nose, a long tube and squeeze something deep in my head. I do not know what it was, but then within a year I was tormented by headaches. " With such a complaint addressed to dozens of doctors 30-year-old cashier Astrid Ramos, which, according to her, on the night of May 18, 1993 some creatures took it right out of bed on your spaceship. "When I talked about his alien abduction, all take me for a madman. But now they have to believe me, because this is a direct proof. "

Proof of the existence of implants was known Portuguese surgeon Antonio Borj. In June 1994, in the Portuguese city of Braga, he had a unique operation — found and removed from the head of the patient's small device, which, in the opinion of the scholars have studied, most likely, is a radio transmitter, to control all movement of women. "I understand why the other doctors could not determine the cause of migraines, — says the doctor. — The fact that we extracted mechanism is made from an unusual material, not visible on x-rays. Only a thorough scan revealed the presence of a foreign body in the right temporal lobe of the brain. None of the people living on Earth could not have done such implantation, for modern surgery has not yet reached this level. "

Richard Price of the New York State during the kidnapping in 1955, the aliens introduced into the body "something" leaked through the skin only after 34 years. That "something" turned out to a thickness of one cylinder and a length of four millimeters. Its analysis was carried out in the Physics Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the direction of Dr. David E. Pritchard, and showed that the shell of the implant was composed of 90 percent carbon, oxygen, and three percent of the seven percent tantalum.

Operation "Hiding"

In May 2000, the American magazine "MUFON UFODzhornel" published an article by an American surgeon Roger K. Leir, personally retrieves implants from abductees.

The last operation was performed to remove the implant surgical team led by Dr. Leir February 5, 2000. From August 1995 to February 5, 2000, he directed nine such operations. On the experience of the previous eight operations 8 Doctor told his book "Extraterrestrials and a scalpel," published under the auspices of the U.S. National Institute of scientific discoveries.

As a result, eight operations patients had recovered nine implants. Only one of them was a splinter medical tubes, it is unclear how got under the skin, others have shown very intriguing physical properties. Three implants were classified as non-metallic objects and five — in the category of metal.

Non-metallic implants look like grayish-white pea metal was covered with a very strange gleaming shell of dark gray color, which was so strong that it did not take even a surgical scalpel.

According to the doctors, nothing like they never recovered from patients. Metal objects struck the researchers their composition: they were more than twenty of the chemical elements in the earth's quite incredible for technology combined! In addition, they noted the abnormally high carbon content, which may be evidence of use imllantantov as molecular computers (nano).

Dr. Leir said already do incredible thing implants showed a very strange "behavior." They were hard as a rock, then turned to jelly, then again "kamenevshuyu"! Of five metallic implants three were oval, one — T-and one triangular. All of them, as mentioned above, were covered with a very durable shell, which yielded a surgical scalpel after 24 hours of drying the samples. Thanks to this a chemical analysis of the shell.

It turned out that it consists of the organic tissue, protein (protein), keratin (keratin) and metal. Study of the literature did not reveal anything of the kind in the history of medicine. Metal components of the shell were investigated in the most prestigious laboratories in the world, including Los Alamos, University of California, Santa Barbara and El-second (U.S.) and the University of Toronto (Canada).

According to data obtained by these laboratories, metal components shells metallic implants contained 11 chemical elements! In the center of the implant revealed core of magnetic (?) Of iron or magnetic conducting carbon. Interestingly, two of the eight implants under the skin to remove radiated electromagnetic field strength of about three milligauss, and after recovery — do not exhibit this property! According to Dr. Leir, a scanning electron microscope revealed a curious feature: the shell was attached to the implant itself through tiny holes in the metal! This technology is not yet available to our civilization.

February 5, 2000 surgery to remove the implant underwent a middle aged man named Tim Cullen. He '22 kept the secret of his contact with unknown strangers in the town of Yuma, Colorado. May 30, 1978 Tim Cullen and his wife returned to the car home from Denver. Around 23.00 on highway number 59 at the intersection of Vernon Road travelers saw a bright object crossing the highway.

First witnesses to show that the object has a discoid shape, but when he turned around, they saw a cigar length of 30 meters, a width of 6 meters and a height of 3 meters. Immediately the object landed, down to the side of the highway. Tim got out, and then he had a lapse of memory. The next thing he remembered then that Tim, lay in the fact that he was sitting behind the wheel and said to his wife: "It would be better if we go …" The events of the "missing" period of time, the spouses were unknown.

Be that as it may, Tim Cullen found himself on the wrist of his left hand with x-ray, a small object. He found Dr. Leir on the Internet and sent him an X-ray of hand. Rengenologi confirmed the presence of a metal object from Tim. Dr. Leir applied for financial assistance necessary to carry out the operation to ufologists. And do not count: help was a prominent American UFO researcher Michael Lindemann and contactee Whitley Strieber (author of the acclaimed book about his contacts with aliens "Communication").

The operation took place, as has been said, on 5 February 2000. The surgeons were able to extract a clear implant oval, having already known Dr. Leir metal shell. Before the surgery, experts measured the intensity of the electromagnetic field in place of "occurrence" and received the implant level, similar to the previously documented — about three milligauss. The shell looks like a gleaming and polished. When presented with a magnet to the implant, a sample of "bounced" and "stick" to it. Moreover, when the magnet began to move back and forth over the implant, the shell suddenly popped out two "legs", and began to swing behind a magnet!

According to Dr. Roger K. Leir implant Tim Cullen "Science has given more than all the currently available implants." Work on this research continues. .

After the report of Dr. Leir several people said that according to the operation to remove the strange objects, accidentally discovered in their body during the various medical studies. "We have to find out what the true purpose of these implants and how they were placed in the body of residents of Earth" — said Pat Parrinello from western Colombia, which will soon become a patient Roger Leir.


The following story is connected, do not be surprised with the amazing discovery made Napoleonom.Etu French explorer Antoine Lefebvre — he found in the skull of Napoleon Bonaparte, a tiny metal plate a little more than an inch in diameter, very similar to the part of the electronic mechanism. This "spare" says Lefebvre, dramatically increases the intellectual capacity of the emperor.

Metallic object with sharp teeth was discovered by accident. Lefebvre was researching Napoleon's exhumed skeleton, trying to establish the physiological reasons for the stunted (height of the emperor did not reach 160 cm.) Poluchip researcher on work special grant from the government for 90 thousand dollars.

Running a hand along the inner surface of the skull, Lefebvre felt a small bump. Trying to see her better, the researchers took a strong magnifying glass and saw a half-tightened metal bone something … It looked like a microchip used in electronic devices.

Comprehensive study of foreign matter found that it is nothing more than a miniature transmitter of electrical impulses in the brain and heart. Daubney on impulses, stresses Lefebvre, dramatically increase the brain's ability to deal with complex intellectual tasks.

Layer of bone tissue, which narosla around the glands, was quite noticeable. This means, according to scientists, that the device was implanted, when Napoleon was young.

And realized it could have representatives of an alien civilization, landed on Earth and penetrated into the throes of revolution, France. "This was done in order to influence the development of mankind, — emphasizes Lefevre. According to scientists, the stimulator was implanted intelligence future genius in July 1794. Napoleon had disappeared while on a few days out of sight of all who knew him. He later claimed that he was arrested, spent the day in jail and released.

— But there is no documentary evidence of his arrest — the scientists, from the skull of Napoleon izvlekshy stimulant. — I believe that he was abducted by aliens at the time, which made him an operation to implant the device.

One indication of this operation is a well-known habit of periodically Bonaparte put a hand to his heart, though no heart disease, he did not suffer, enjoying excellent health and exceptional physical endurance. Conductivity, at times, the emperor is easily ex quickening heartbeat because of electrical signals sent stimulant.

Another, much more clear evidence should be considered a sudden sharp increase in military capabilities Bonaparte rightly earned him the reputation military genius. Prior to his disappearance, such abilities Napoleon did not show. True, he successfully conducted a military operation to free port in 1793, Tula, captured by the British, and was promoted to brigadier general. However, for its implementation did not require any exceptional military talents.

But the fact that Napoleon showed on the battlefield after 1794, many of his contemporaries, and military experts believe almost a miracle. During the Italian campaign in the years 1796-1799, he commanded a small army of scantily clad and hungry soldiers, were inferior in number propivniku and artillery. This ragged army triumphed one brilliant victory after another. Crucial here was suddenly discovered Napoleon ability to calculate all possible actions on the battlefield — and their enemy — about twenty moves ahead.

Since about 1810 the military-strategic abilities Napoleon gradually began to wane, most likely explanation is that the microchip in his skull began to gradually fail. It is also possible that aliens are sent to this device or any electromagnetic pulses inyu decided that Bonaparte had accomplished its mission. Having lost their supernatural abilities. Napoleon began to fail.

Antoine Lefebvre believes indisputable that aliens throughout the history of humanity have different ways to influence its development. Continue to do so today.

Alexander Bogatik "UFO» № 152

Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon (Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon) From the book "A Look into the UFO» (An Inside Look At UFOs)

Whimsical pattern of biological implant was born, when a guy from Brooklyn came to me and asked me to scan yourself in the presence of implants. Just at that time I used spectrum analyzers, generators, grid frequency (a device for finding resonance networks) and other equipment to locate implants radio circuit in them. When I took a radio frequency transmitter (RF) over his body, I drew attention to the signal arising when I brought the sensor close to his stomach. If I cleaned the sensor on his stomach, the signal decreased and almost disappeared on the spectrum analyzer. Of course, anyone who works with electronics knows that the spectrum analyzers are not as accurate, so I used the signal "zero beat". This means that I gave my signal analyzer so that it can be combined with the signal that passed through the body of the guy, and identify. I wanted to find the actual carrier frequency at which the implant worked, and I found it. Lie down and behold: it was the same as that of the 25th TV channel in Brooklyn!

It was quite amazing and incredible discovery. I then convert the signal so that it can be read on a television monitor. With pretty safe to say that it was the same channel 25, and I could see it on the screen. This guy is really intercepted Channel 25, of Brooklyn, and broadcast it. His implant works exactly the same frequency, but it's been amazing and strange. This implant transceiver working in a mode known to us as a simplex repeater. This device, which has a receiver that receives the signal. The signal is transmitted with a delay. This is called a repeater because it repeats the signal. This implant was difficult, as the transmitter and receiver operate simultaneously. It does not sound like something unusual for the average reader, but as an expert in electronics, I was amazed. I've never seen such a device, I do not know how to construct.

After a long time I thought about it, I realized that someone has installed a successful system. They actually have masked their transfer to the implant "admixture" of the signal at the 25th TV channel. If someone approached him with the radio "sniffer" and catch the signal, it automatically found it 25 signal channels and could not be suspected until the guy was in the area. The video is distributed with what is called a sync pulse. More precisely, it travels up the pulse frequency. The successful transfer of this particular aspect of the implant was that he was saying the opposite direction below the frequency. They are "masked" the transfer using a different aspect of the frequency and passing them information on it. Broadcast is the secret to the best.

After the guy realized that he has something of a transceiver, an implant in his body, he agreed to an X-ray. Although was made very different fluorography, the implant was not found. When he made the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging?), Was discovered a lump of tissue that existed there, where it should not have been. It was just a fatty deposit. This is all that the doctor had to say about it. Fatty deposit was directly connected to the blood vessels. Knowing that the blood is a saline solution, which acts as a good conductor, the model was very clear. Blood vessels passed right through his groin and an antenna for the implant. He was energized biologically and for all practical purposes, was alive.

There is another class of implants, part of which acts like a portable computer and sits under the breast bone in the center of the chest. Over the heart on the left side, just behind the breastbone, you can sometimes find "chip." It acts as the CPU, or central processing unit implant. He keeps the memory and software that can be activated. At the bottom of the chest is a biological implant, buyout is a transceiver. It takes the signals and sends them to the "chip" CPU under the ribs. All of this is incredibly thin wire connects with another "chip" at the bottom of the neck. This — the nerve interface that connects to the spine and brain.

This implant is organized in groups of five electrodes on each nerve. Since nerve impulse travels down the neuron, one electrode catches him. Another — cancels momentum. Third inserts previous nerve impulse or form a new one. The other two electrodes, to which I referred — just the reverse direction, designed to cancel already described impulses. Thus, the whole "neural network" can be accessed and the implant has full access to motor functions of human beings. It's all very clever.

An additional study showed that the transfer of high-frequency (HF) leads to the discovery of pulsations with fuzzy transformations that are similar to the samples mentioned above as neurological information. This may be a signal used to transmit this particular class of implants, but I'm not sure about that completely.

The reason that this implant has not been previously observed, was that he was cut down, if you tried to study the neural network in an attempt to find him. Fortunately, I came across a young man, when the implant obviously has failed and is not disabled. I immediately scanned him and found a group of implants.

There are other implants in addition to those I have already described. For example, there is a whole class of implants dedicated capture signals from the outside and tell them. These implants can be found throughout the body, but most often they are found behind the left ear. This kind of looks like a piece of crystal or stone with black lines on it. This is a very advanced technology, and is used by aliens to find their "abduktantov." These implants do not necessarily affect the thought process. They — the defendant's request, when the signal is sent from the subject's location. Implant detects and sends a signal back. With the proper equipment location "abduktanta" can be established.

Sometimes these implants transponders (request-defendants) are rejected by the body of the subject and find your way to the surface. One of the people affected by abduction, reported crystal, coming out of his forehead, then, the other saw the implant out of the head of the penis. Where these implants are in the body, depending on what is monitored or in which nerve structures implant involves intervene.

These devices typically look like stone, and most of them resemble the shape of a tear. Sides straight, with rounded front and rear. They are usually placed in the tissues of the body and left there. Sometimes you can find the wires coming from the implants are usually attached at the ends of the ganglia.

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