All fires were extinguished in Kamchatka

Inclement weather has helped forest protection specialists to eliminate all fires in the Kamchatka region, RIA Novosti Special Programmes Minister Sergei Kamchatka Khabarovsk.

More than a month in Kamchatka was warm and dry. In this connection, burned forests in the southern part of the peninsula. In several areas of the province introduced a special fire mode. In the last three days in the province established cloudy and rainy weather.

"Class of fire risk in areas of the province dropped from the highest — fourth and fifth — up to the second or third," — said Khabarov.

According to him, from the beginning of fire season in the region, there were 15 fires, the fire covered about 600 acres. Also recorded more than 600 grass sunbathing area of about 3 hectares. In all cases, the cause of fires was the human factor.

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