All on the front!

Politicians society — they are the poets that happens to them in the speech like a suitcase with a false bottom. Dear friend, we flew pleased, recalling that we fasten together "antyimperyyalistychny front." But something was awkward after such zuhavstva. How to get there: he was on the front line, under the very noses of the Americas, we are for them, and for us even Persian friends? But the union! More accurately be called the front that you will agree, perhaps anti-democratic, here you will get to the point exactly. The question remains, is it far from phenyantsami, or you are with us, or they do not take into account? After antyimperyyalistav large is impossible to imagine, no Belarusians do not prove with his anti-NATO speech!

How long will we have to delve into and zuhavyya word about the South American oil, which should be enough for the Belarusians, scared to even think for two years! Possible answers: either Mr. Hugo send us immediately black ocean, or he's going to do it for two centuries? But in the first case — where we have so many Bay "black gold"? The last option-an assumption — Belarusians will almost stop using oil and keep it up to 2210. "The economy must also be economical," said the golden words of our dear Illich once. I confess, my mistake: to perceive in such statements should be beautiful images, "political poetry" does not tolerate substantive consideration. It is better to treat it is irrational, because in the words of optimism can be referred to as something else: that even after two years of Belarusians will exist even with a reserve of oil from Mr Hugo.

Maybe he's pazavihaetstsa and two next to us with the gas also solve the problem? It would be nice, not worse, than with dairy rivers of oil. All the more so economy we have, as is well known, antyimperyyalistychnaya. We read in the local newspaper interview with the director of the chemical giant "Grodno Nitrogen", which is the largest consumer of gas between the Bug, the Niemen, Dnieper and Dvina. And in black and white his words that production can be profitable until the gas company to a maximum of $ 145, and then, he says, it becomes unprofitable. And do not hide the fact that "Nitrogen" gets gas now costs $ 210! "Although it is well known that Belarus Russia sells it cheaper, like the fact that next year's price increase.

What are we supposed to do with your "Nitrogen"? But if there are zuhavyya friends, if oil prices overseas have begun to carry the milk from the village to the city in which the "dairy country," and then the gas nebezvyhodna? Airships come up with, for example, or air tube, there's two Nobel physicist was discharged for an unusually tsenki but strong stuff! And maybe closer will be willing to strengthen our common antyimperyyalistychny front? Incidentally, as reported encyclopedia, Iranian minerals, such as "rich in oil and natural gas." Here are the cards! However, Grodno friendship with our Asian allies somehow not stuck together yet. I was surprised one day messengers afar surprise visit to our meat and its innovation — carcasses that are purchased, had move on hooks on the output required in accordance with their religious tradition. Then the carcasses were in an airplane flight to Tehran. And something thereafter you could not hear them anymore, either did not like meat, or refused to strengthen our economy so extravagant. I suspect that the gas jets to carry out on "Nitrogen" is not very profitable, but the reason to once again show the fig imperialists.

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